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The Netherlands-based Ukrainian photographer Alex Blanco is a seasoned visual storyteller. Her 2016-2019 project is a utopian rendering of her parents in their home city of Odessa, “where the real overlaps with the surreal and everyone was born to shine”. Holding true to this notion, she created intimate and atmospheric shots that helped her reconnect with her family.
1989. China. Czechoslovakia. One meeting place – Moscow. Linda Zhengová’s photo series captures the artist’s complicated family history. Be it living under different communist regimes thousands of kilometers apart, the inherent cultural differences, or even their eventual separation, the KULISHEK series create an intimate narrative of a family forged and fragmented in a globalizing world.
Izraeli photographer and graphic designer Omer Ga'ash creates digitally manipulated composites that treat “the place and the body as a symbiotic system.” Omer's ten-year experience with professional dancing visibly reflects in his work, via a nearly tangible understanding of the possibilities and limits of the body.
Swiss photographer Roger Weiss manipulates our stereotypical perception of bodily beauty via unusual angles and digital distortion to create sculptural, clay-like figures with accentuated and distorted extremities that invite us to untangle and sort them out in our mind. With all redundancy and personality removed, Weiss sees the flesh revert to its ancient raw symbolism.
“I think we should all be asking questions we know we will never have the answers to, because thinking about them gets you as close to the truth as possible.” The Adelaide-based photographer Joseph Häxan tells us about his fascination with biological processes, nature and the photographic medium.
Anya Miroshnichenko’s faceless female bodies challenge the typical “reading” of such “objects”. The Moscow-based artist shifts the question of representation into one of self-perception without losing the focus on family memory and intimacy.
Where does one draw the line between magical thinking and debilitating fixations? Accompanied by illustrative collages, Viktoriia Tymonova meditates on the connections between OCD, ritualism and the middle ages on a search for a “common ground between reality and fiction.”
“I prefer an imperfect but lively drawing.” Belgian native Mathieu Van Assche is adding more (perhaps mythical and ritualistic) layers of meaning to already loaded historical photographs and old masters' paintings.
The Chiméra book and photo series by Czech photographer Vladimíra Kotra is the result of a unique, close and tumultuous friendship between a photographer and someone who permitted her to document the most vulnerable moments of personal metamorphosis. Chiméra offers an intimate and delicate but also raw look into the unfolding of the male-to-female transgender identity.
Is The Brute also lurking inside you? Painter Petr Nikl and photographer Ondřej Szollos embarked on a journey to lure and woo him out in a one-of-a-kind picture essay.
SHOTBY.US, the Prague-based duo of photographers which grew tired of old orders, went to explore new dimensions of fashion editorial through a freestyle collage play.
What are our ethical and environmental responsibilities to bees? And what are their responsibilities to—and because of—us? Jake Eshelman explores our unique cohabitation with this vital insect.
Photographer Michaela Nagyidaiová captures the echoes of scars the Greek Civil War left on the landscape and in the people of one quaint village that used to be her ancestral home.
A voluminous photographic collection by Václav Jirásek documents the workers, interiors and monumentality of decaying, perishing and abandoned Czech and Moravian metallurgic works.
A keen eye of Czech artist Štěpánka Sigmundová documents the ever-changing world around her through long-term, evolving photographic series.
Let us present photographer Nika Davydova currently based in Moscow & Saint-Petersburg / Russia, with her black and white photo series about human roots.
Slovak photographer Evelyn Bencicova constructs compelling narrative scenarios that blur the lines between reality, memory, and imagination — “fictions based on truth”.
A soft-toned photo series by Johana Kasalická leads us through a landscape where a mere passive existence might be perceived as a misplaced threat.
"Through the practice of wandering, I am attentive to the disruptions in our daily environments and ephemeral moments." Exclusive photo series by Czech born artist Julie Hrnčířová.
Are images our life? Are we being made into images by our habit of documenting life? Does our routine immersion in them dull our perception of reality or does it refine it?