SWARM MAG is a non-profit cultural and art-oriented magazine and artist-first platform mainly focused on Central and Eastern Europe and its up-and-coming art scene. Writers, fashion designers, musicians, visual artists, performers, conceptualists and others who are not indifferent to current affairs and our shared future, can find a home on our platform. We publish weekly under four overarching themes a year, each lasting about three months.


. be brave . stand for sustainability . avoid automatism . be respectful . dodge mainstream . don’t waste . live in symbiosis . be open-minded . quality over quantity . slow down . take care . recycle . express yourself . think first . mind nature and people . be an ally . find your kind and your flock . lose your fear . riot against fake . love yourself . expect the unexpected .  make your own rules . never obey the oppressor . make people believe in you and your qualities . follow the intuition . listen to your inner voice . encourage yourself and others . be strong . be soft  . support culture . maintenance relationships . make peace with the past to build your future . don´t suppress others . resist bigotry . 
. our imagination and mindset create our future . 
. culture is our nature – nature is our culture .


It is a story as old as creativity herself – if you can’t find it anywhere, make your own. 

That is precisely how SWARM Mag was conceived – a few years back in the minds of two creative forces, Markéta and Kateřina, who were genuinely missing a solid art-focused Czech medium that would give a steady platform not only to emerging Czech creatives but also to the underrepresented Central and Eastern European art scene in general. And so the seeds were sown.

After collaborating together on their art academy theses and multiple subsequent editorials, perfecting the ropes of styling and creative direction in the process, they embarked on fashion design and backstage photography internships in London and, oh dear, was it a ride. As they soaked up endless inspiration, trade secrets, and a parade of canned soups accompanied by crisps, they had firmly arrived at the decision to create THE platform to host their own inaugural editorial, which would then serve as an exciting and beautifully crafted online space for underdog art showcasing and representation. 

The name, SWARM, was born in a run-down, rat- and cockroach-infested London sublet room in a shared queen-sized bed with a mattress still bearing the outlines of the previous tenants. Luckily, this was not a foreshadowing of ominous events as the plan took off quite smoothly. Maybe apart from a few initial hurdles. Like the year it took to get the website designed and up and running while persuading at least three web programmers to finish the job, including one who decided to flee to the woods to heal from a mental breakdown. Or people getting mad because the first editorial featuring their work was eight months delayed thanks to the aforementioned web launch troubles. And some other minor inconveniences.

But SWARM took flight after all. And the founding mothers’ enthusiasm and clear and captivating vision have naturally drawn other, similarly inclined creatives, towards SWARM. That resulted in our present-day seven-headed editorial team that also reflects one core SWARM value: breaking the narrative of hyper-individualism institutionally instilled in art school students – by creating (in) a collective. Right now, SWARM thrives because of the personal, welcoming and hands-on attitude to artists we approach and who approach us, non-hieratical structure and co-curation of the content and, last but not least, the sheer love of all the editorial board members for our shared enterprise. 

If you have read this far, we are honoured and excited to have you on this reckless, uncharted, passionate and, frankly, bonkers journey with us.

Yours with warmth, the SWARM team


is based in Prague, Czechia


Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Markéta Kosinová

Co-Founder & Fashion Editor
Kateřina Hynková

Executive Editor & Translator
Františka Blažková

Music articles Editor & Translator
Tomáš Kovařík

Fashion Editor Assistant
Agáta Zapotilová

Art Essays Editor
Bára Čápová

Digital Creative Director & Technology Editor
Zdeněk Růžička

Programmer & Web admin
Luděk Černý

Logo Type
Matěj Vojtuš

Web Design
Daniel Vojtíšek & Zdeněk Růžička

Filip Matějiček / Heavyweight





“If something peerless comes into being in our neck of the woods, it is necessary to protect it like the proverbial eye in the head. And know this, there’s not much of quality and especially with a deeper dive into broad topics of visual culture in the proverbial online marketplace. And if it’s a magazine as strong in content as it is visually as SWARM MAG undoubtedly is, then there is no doubt and doubly so. […]”

MgA Petr Babák, Head of Design and New Media Studio at UMPRUM, founder of Laboratory graphic studio


“[…] SWARM MAG moves along a certain edge of cultural production where a number of remarkable phenomena occur. […]”

Tereza Lišková, cultural publicist


“The project came to life for artists and consuments of art alike, and offers them an attractive and comprehensive medium on which they can follow artistic and cultural trends of predominantly [Central and Eastern Europe] through the prism of a meticulous curatorial selection of a young collective.”

PechaKucha Night Prague Vol. 73


“[…] Thanks to SWARM, such works of artists are entering the Czech media space that would not otherwise pass through the filter of established brands that still remain beholden to the rules of business success and reader conformity. The multimedia nature of the web presence of the magazine also reflects the digitalisation of artistic production. SWARM represents the most contemporary of what is emerging on today’s Czech creative scene. […]”

Ondřej Trhoň, Dýpt magazine founder, cultural publicist, teacher of visual culture at FF UK


“[SWARM’s fashion section] has strong visual content, focusing on current trends and tendencies that are driving the current fashion scene. It brings insights into alternative and avant-garde trends in contemporary fashion, both in the Czech environment and the progressive world scene. […]”

MgA Eva Vontorová, founder and art director of Ether


“[…] I can confirm that the eclectic curation of original articles and own editorials compare to more renowned online magazines from abroad, such as AQNB, PW-Magazine or Kaltblut. Even these are often overshadowed by SWARM’s emphasis on original texts, visual materials and the exceptionally well done website layout itself. […]”

MgA Ondřej Lasák, co-founder of Genot Centre

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