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For Mia Jadrna, the founder of the Czech MiJA fashion brand, no scrap fabric is too small to use for her playful, recycled, and colour-blocked streetwear collections. We bring you an exclusive interview with the author.


The phantastechnological realms and brilliant creatures you see are the neon tears of Axeknight’s 3D muses. Inspired by music and video games, the entities conjured predicate a distant world removed far from human comprehension. Perhaps your vertigo may be allayed by this exclusive SWARM MAG interview with their creator.


When you encounter the vibrant, mesmerizing audiovisual works of Czech artist Jan Matýsek, which often accompany his immersive tongue-in-cheek installations, you feel immediately drawn in as if by ritualistic incantations intended to put you on the cusp of an almost trance-like state.


Enter Heim Group, the fashion and visual designer brand, and their recent collection concept oscillating between the sacred and blasphemous. “...Angels chirping, they whispered that a person is able to rise to the level of god only when the devil overcomes them.” Strap up and step in, for the divine may yet be the future.


The objects Audrey Large crafts carry an ever-evolving aspect and aim to challenge our perception of surfaces. Exclusively for SWARM Mag, the French, Rotterdam-based artist wrote a series of in-depth insights about her most loved and intricate bodies of work, heavily influenced by American researcher Jane Bennet who centers her investigations around “vibrating matter”.


Dig with us into the crates of electro, an often-forgotten genre which spawned multitudes of music genres in the 80s and is now coming back in force. Accompanied by an interview with the author of the text’s mesmerizing images, Sofia Palm, SWARM MAG invites you to an audiovisual journey with plenty forward-looking tunes coming to a club near you soon.


“My ideas are centred around identity, feminism, and self-destructive behaviours,” sums up London-born artist Hebe Riches-Wohlrab aka 3834 her glistening, smooth and slightly sinister 3D creations. Hebe was kind enough to let us have a taste of her creative processes in an exclusive interview. Enjoy her insights below.


SWARM MAG and selected Portuguese visual artists came together to create the latest edition of the Lobster Scarf Collection, this time on the topic of Future Forecasting. Delve into the collaborative project’s motivations, perspectives and inspirations along with interviews with the involved artists. Stay warm and keep the future fun!


Hello wanderer, you've stumbled upon the Gooniverse. Feel free to enjoy your presence here despite (or thanks to) your confusion – this world wasn't made to make sense to you. You're welcomed to soak up Balfua's wildly intricate and layered artistic vision.


“It's almost 2022 and I think many things don't matter anymore.” Keiga’s design work is all about balance: between digital and old-school tailoring, or creative work and manual labor. In this SWARM MAG interview, the Chinese, London-based designer talks about Surplus Value Center, his recent project offering social commentary on the conditions of Chinese factory workers.


Reminiscent of 80s video-game worlds full of ultraviolence and tech-obsessed, metal- and leather-clad villains and villainesses, Pol-Edouard's illustrations will envelop your senses with a dizzying, flashy and almost tribalistic feel.