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An expansive and imaginative essay by Dr Denisa Kera, 'Uncanny Microelectronics: Intaglio and the Aesthetics of Circuit Boards', explores an unlikely link regarding the Renaissance technique of intaglio, Albrech Dürer, military tactics, and the microelectronics industry.
Julia Makivic invites us on a journey that juxtaposes folklore with futuristic technology. Join us on a visit to Camaraderie Park, a haunted theme park where holographic spirits recall a painful history from a position of reconciliation and intimacy. Don’t forget to bring your wearables!
In a self-described transhistorical and cyclical view of historical events, digital French artist Léa Porré explores the idea of the 'Sacrificial King', a mythological pattern found across all civilizations and eras, in juxtaposition with the decapitation of King Louis XVIth during the French Revolution.
Tekla Gedeon, a Budapest-based architect and speculative designer, presents “a parallel virtual world which performs environmental guardianship” where you can become an avatar forester and restore balance.
'Cyborg who?' asks PhDr. Marie König Dudziaková in her essay about biohacking, cyberpunk outlooks on immortality, disembodied consciousness and more, written exclusively for Swarm Mag.
How is the porn industry involved in speeding up the evolution of haptic technologies? How close are we to perfectly synthesizing our senses?