Browse the now concluded first theme of 2021, NEO-MEDIEVALISM. All articles that ran between 16th 2021 January and 10th June 2021 are archived here.
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Anežka Hošková “creates dream portraits in the dark landscape of her own parallel worlds, both unnerving and fragile” in sharp ornaments emerging from blurred watercolor. Enjoy her paintings and poetic curatorial statement to immerse yourself in her hazy, evocative visions.
“Things that we don't see, master or know about worry us.” Brussels-based Naomi Gilon's artistic practice took a sharp turn after she discovered ceramics. The gnarly results of this transformational run-in draw on car tuning, science fiction, monsters or pop culture.
Ever since its inception, Dungeon Synth has been both an amalgamation of many different genres and an influential dynamo whose reverberations are still felt today. Join us on a journey into the depths, but keep your ears peeled: there lurks a different evil in the dungeons than just the demons and peculiar nostalgias.
We invite you to enjoy an exclusive interview with versatile and multimedia Italian artist Ilaria Demo De Lorenzi notable for her jewellery pieces, reminiscent of fleeting moments frozen in gold.
Once we slip under the first, surface layer of surreal absurdity, we uncover a network of complex allusions and social commentaries artist Jakub Jansa masterfully weaves into universes of his own making in a series of storytelling videos.
Leafing in an ancient tome of forbidden magic, the blackish paintings seem to move… in this world, Michal Kocourek gathers the inspiration which then haunts his dreams. Unafraid of the consequences, he conjures the demons in his artworks, taming them as pawns into board games and exhibitions.
An expansive and imaginative essay by Dr Denisa Kera, 'Uncanny Microelectronics: Intaglio and the Aesthetics of Circuit Boards', explores an unlikely link regarding the Renaissance technique of intaglio, Albrech Dürer, military tactics, and the microelectronics industry.
Beast of the East, a Czech duo of designers crafting underwear, nightwear and upcycled micro-collections, have graced our page for the third time, bringing another part of their dark series of retold myths and fairytales, this time accompanied by an exclusive interview. Episode 3: Cinderella.
Kyrgyz visual artist Alexey Shahov creates monochrome scenes of abstract lines and objects stripped to their peculiar essence. In his interview for SWARM MAG he sheds some light on the inspirations and processes that lead to his poignant artworks where shapes and figures blend into uncanny assemblages.
We are proud to present you with already the twelfth original editorial made by house SWARM Mag, intended to accompany the NEO-MEDIEVALISM theme. Delve into the graciously withering and solemnly contemplative world of Sick Elves with us.
The Dance of Death, der Totentanz or Danse Macabre is a medieval motif that was meant to remind the audience of the fragility and transience of their lives. Russian-born illustrator and video artist Sonya the Moon understands this theme as something very present due to the global pandemic situation.
Join us on a hike to the round, pastel world of Barbora Idesova, the Prague-based illustrator originally from Košice, Slovakia. Barbora tells us about her inspirations and methods, throwing light on her signature style that blends nature and mythology into familiar, yet mysterious visual planes.
Liga Spunde, the Latvian digital illustrator and multimedia artist tells SWARM MAG about her creative process, inspirations and 2019 exhibition of her pointed, disconcerting takes on a post-internet aesthetic, interrogating the phenomenon of online hate culture and what lurks beneath.
Where does one draw the line between magical thinking and debilitating fixations? Accompanied by illustrative collages, Viktoriia Tymonova meditates on the connections between OCD, ritualism and the middle ages on a search for a “common ground between reality and fiction.”
With influences ranging from early board games to old school metal album covers, California-based visual artist Josh Freydkis conjures up images from a vivid and sinister fantasy world with a magic touch of playfulness and nostalgia.
“Loved clothes last.” Knit fashion designer Valeriya Olkhova leaves space for “accidents” and tweaks the hand-knitting machine's settings to put it out of its comfort zone to produce one-of-a-kind, raw apparel. Enjoy an exclusive SWARM Mag interview detailing her work, the post-pandemic fashion world or personal philosophies.
The soft, rounded illustrations of Serbian graphic designer Pavle Ćirić give the impression of fragile glass ornaments with a sheen of a soap-bubble-like iridescence. Two of the ones presented in the article were custom-made for the NEO-MEDIEVALISM theme.
The Bulgarian fashion brand Minoár crafts pieces of clothing that could be worn by a stylish nomadic nation from a parallel universe. They think of the outfits they design as a tangible reflection of one's inner perceptions and thought processes.
“[My sword] would be very beautiful but harmless because I hate violence.” French illustrator and handpoke tattoo artist Marie Besse lays before us her linear, spiky and prodding visions resembling prickly vines and sparkly fata morganas.
Let’s take a plunge into the imaginative world of Jeroen Duijf and his textured, earthy oil paintings turning the private universe of one's thoughts and associations outwards in a fantastic manner.