We are proud to present you with already the twelfth original editorial made by house SWARM Mag, intended to accompany the NEO-MEDIEVALISM theme. Delve into the graciously withering and solemnly contemplative world of Sick Elves with us.

Skin like the silver light from the Telperion tree combined with the golden aura of his sister Laurelin. Here we are, elves slowly turning into humankind. After the dark ages the light ages will appear, they said, but now the times are even darker than their predecessors could ever imagine. Nature is no longer a priority, not even the beauty and healthy life of the living kind. Non-elves/non-humans stopped taking care of Earth and other realms above. They just care about themselves, selfish, consumed by the myth of eternal growth.


As the light is getting weaker, for the first time in the history of elven kind, we are getting sick. We are bitten by the poisonous Ungoliant sucking the last drops of our sanity. We are still looking glamorous, stunning, ready to rock the world but we grow weaker from one year to another. Hiding our scars and dry skin under layers of makeup, pretending the climate doesn’t change. Let’s plant some new trees. There are short legends of what happened in the past so we don’t let history repeat itself.

Sick elves exist, from now on.


The following text was partially referenced from TOLKIEN, J. R. R., Silmarillion

As the legend says, there were Two Trees of Valinor. Each Tree would give off light for seven hours, with the ends of their cycles overlapping so that at one hour of each “dawn” and “dusk” the soft gold and silver light would be given off together.


Telperion had leaves that were dark green on their upper side and silver on their bottom. His blossoms were white like that of a cherry tree and his silvery dew was collected as a source of water and light. Laurelin had young green foliage, similar to the colour of newly opened beech leaves, trimmed with gold, and her dew was likewise collected by the Vala of light Varda.


Countless numbers of days had passed by when dark angry Melkor enlisted the help of the giant spider-creature Ungoliant to destroy the Two Trees. Concealed in a cloud of darkness, Melkor struck each Tree and the insatiable Ungoliant devoured whatever life and light remained in them.

The high elves attempted a healing, but they succeeded only in reviving Telperion’s last flower (to become the Moon) and Laurelin’s last fruit (to become the Sun).


Lament for Evenstar (and the little star)

Ne minuial tôl lû
Ir tirich er-‘îl gelair awarthannen
Ir in-elenath gwennin.
I ‘îl thinna, i amar ú-dhartha.

At starfade a time comes
When you see one brilliant star left behind
When the starry host has departed.
The star fades, the world does not wait.

Am man darthon a linnon
Nu galad hen fireb?
Why do I linger and sing
Under this fading/mortal light?

Eirien vi elenyr
Enni e bain.
Brethil nui mellyrn
Enni e bain.
Gwilwileth or alph
Enni e bain.
Tinnu aphada Chelluin
Enni e bain.

There is a daisy among the elanor blossoms
To me it is fair.
There is a birch tree under the mallorn trees
To me it is fair.
There is a butterfly above the swan
To me it is fair.
A spark/small star follows Sirius
To me it is fair.

I laiss e-mallorn ernediaid.
El-lass dithen, el-lass fíreb
Gâr chinnen. Ir dannatha?

The leaves of the mallorn are numberless
One tiny leaf, one fading leaf
Holds my eyes. When will it fall?
I-‘îl gelair fîr.
Si e gwanna Menel.
Si gwannathon i amar
Garel lass vi cammen.
The brilliant star is fading
Now it departs the heavens
Now I will depart the world
Holding a leaf in my hand.



Creative Director / Markéta Kosinová @__maarketa__

Photo / Samuel Alexander Petráš @samuel_alex__

Photo assistant / Adéla Zlámalová @zlamal_adela, Iurii Ladutko @iuriiladutko.raw,  

Styling / Kateřina Hynková @khynko

Styling Assistant / Vítek Ehrenberger @qensis_ 

MUA / Nina Kirk @cheshirecat8

Hair / Dominik Dobeš @galla_vecer 

Hair Assistant / Marie Hrachovcová @majahrachovcova

Models / Marek @marcpernici from ENTRO Models @entromodels, 

Karolína Kučerová @karokuc, Lena @_bald_owl_ 

Video / Markéta Kosinová @__maarketa__

Produced by SWARM MAG @swarmmag


Text / Markéta Kosinová @__maarketa__

Poem “Lament for Evenstar” / Original poems, E. Brundige



Aleš Hnátek @aleshnatek 

Pavol Dendis @dendis_official 

Jan Smejkal @jan_smejkal

Karolína Ulrichová @kari.ul

Dry Milk of Virgin Mary @drymilkofvirginmary



Hana Polívková @hanapolivkova

Anna Rusínová @annnarusinova



Bohemia Gloves @bohemiagloves


Backdrops / Plátna Backdrops @platna_backdrops

Vases / Scent Roche @scent.roche 

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