Here you’ll find archived all the articles of HERITAGE, a preceding quarterly 2020 theme that ran between 10th February and 10th May.
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Just before the world-famous events of the Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution took place on 17th November 1989, the people of one soot-stained city held their own series of protests for the most basic of human rights – clean air.
Like a quilting thread, the concept of heritage is sewn into the core of fashion designer Michaela Čapková’s works, which often stem from a reflection of inspiring personas.
Painter, musician and a resident Prague party vampire Jan Vytiska constructs a world where folk costumes, corpses, farmer's wives, hanging eyeballs, hairy-faced girls and general decay make acquaintance.
Agáta See presents her BA graduate's collection of generously quilted and layered jackets and variable block-coloured garments, carrying the memory of her grandmother.
The playful avalanche of colours that are the collections of Polish fashion designer Mindless Katarzyna Dworecka give every inner child the opportunity to finally fully express in the outer realm.
Following is an excerpt from the National Letters anthology compiled by Marek Nedelka, founder of Letter Books, which shows how the development and preserving of original writing systems, languages and alphabets helped to mould nations and set down their identities.
Play doll-like, rich and layered designs by Romanian designer Daniela Mircea showcase an intimate collection that carries the story of self and identity.
American-Czech video artist Bohuslav “Woody” Vašulka made an undisputed mark on the global art world, which came to an end with his recent passing. Writer Miloš Vojtěchovský presents a compact summary of his life and work.
Photographer Michaela Nagyidaiová captures the echoes of scars the Greek Civil War left on the landscape and in the people of one quaint village that used to be her ancestral home.
With techniques rooted deep in the Moravian tradition, the Slovak weaver and textile designer Daniela Danielis rekindles the love of craft and handiwork among the young generation of artists.
Ukrainian writer Iryna Zahladko unravels a beautifully narrated series of poems and situational vignettes about estrangement, transformation and adjustment of heritage, and feeling one's way around a new-found world.
Satan holds a ball in a rented Airbnb apartment and they invite you to join – the costume theme is The Master and Margarita.
Would the village animals love to partake in folklore festivities they've seen with their human counterparts? Mária Gloza's paintings have the answer.
Corrupted natural structures are essential for the works of fashion designer Alexandru Floarea who replicates them in elaborate and dramatic masks, shoes, and garments.
Sustainable silver jewellery by British designer Hattie Wragg, imbued with ancient lore around metalwork, is as unusual and unexpected as the places it was sourced from.
How is the porn industry involved in speeding up the evolution of haptic technologies? How close are we to perfectly synthesizing our senses?
Half-forgotten dreams of apparitions and lives past – that's the world visual artist Barbora Šemberová lays out before our eyes in her vibrant illustrations of dry and oil pastel, and acrylic liner on paper.
Polish artist Iwona Ogrodzka offers a 2019 video vignette into the life of hers and her grandma's village, full of spring, gardening, gatherings and flashlight trips after dark, and uses it as a backdrop for the story of brave Maria who joined a rebellion.
Fashion designer Linda Havrlíková on how wool and its productions eats up the land even though it's no longer worn by the sheep.
Lithuanian artist Rasa Vilcinskaite creates ornate headpieces, reminiscent of an array of extraterrestrial flora taking root in your scalp, which utilize basic beading techniques to invent intricate patterns.