Corrupted natural structures are essential for the works of fashion designer Alexandru Floarea who replicates them in elaborate and dramatic masks, shoes, and garments.
alexandu uvodka

Words by the author / The idea of the Black Subdivision collection was born out of the desire to reproduce the beauty of nature in the process of degradation caused by pollution. 

The Black Subdivision collection may be described as an example of inspirational amalgam, which is based on the combination of different structures and shapes with natural elements. Some of those forms represent an attempt to create, via unconventional techniques, (burning, melting, attaching felt, fur, organza and veil) artificial textures of fabrics, inspired by the natural form – forms reminiscent of primordial and ephemeral.


Pieces of clothing are inspired by the texture of volcanic rocks, lignite, coal and animal-sourced elements (ram or deer horns, bird carcasses). Some garments seem to have erupted from the volcanic lava mound, petrified over time.

Accessories are subjected to the same process of “carbonization” and abound in organic elements. Nothing is randomly placed, each detail works together for the final result. 


Because of its experimental nature, the Black Subdivision project became a constantly evolving concept. The whole collection embodies a transfiguration, a discovery of the meaning of its own integration through a process of disintegration that expresses reality in the form of an analytical journey through its own self.


Designer / Alexandru Floarea (@alexanders_flowers)

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