Sessions always involve a lot of laughter. I mean, it's ridiculous what I ask people to do.” DLLCOPE, a self-described “gatherer of bodies, brains, skin, and paint to make images and sounds”, is a Canadian-based artist creating raw diorama-inspired compositions of bodies, paint, and DIY props.

How would you describe the process of creating your artwork? What personal rituals or sources of inspiration do you use while creating?

This depends on whether it’s a static image, like a painting, or if I’m working with people and objects. I look for imbalance and wait for moments when things are a little bit uncomfortable and people are not ready. It’s never worked for me when things are just right. It always feels too prepared. Like when people pose and smile for the camera or stretch out their leg to look beautiful or something. It’s totally manufactured, it doesn’t always say much about anything. I try to find the stuff in between, even in a staged setting. Sessions always involve a lot of laughter. I mean, it’s ridiculous what I ask people to do. But to me, there’s something right about it.

The Signs! Are In The Signs!

Sharp Future Vision

Your work feels like a crossover between still lives and Delacroix’s romantic paintings hinting at the movement of the characters. What is the mindset when creating your pieces?

I’m hugely inspired by action tableau paintings of groups of people, it’s always been a fascination of mine. I’m always looking for drama, conflict, an implied monumental event.  Defining moments captured in a frame.

According To The Latest Formulas We Are 👍, Mysteri Us Organazm, Leave Everything To Us

Per our current theme, FULL OF DESIRE, we’d like to ask you what is your dream goal or what you desire for yourself as an artist right now? 

My only goal with this is to be able to work with subjects and assistants that understand what I’m doing so that we can get better at this. It would be great to work with groups more, it’s a huge task to get people in the same room with limited resources. When people know my work and want to try and make it the best possible experience, it makes that job easier.

Home Town Crowd

Don’t Tase Me Skypappy

The last question: are you currently preparing any new exhibition or project we can look forward to?

I don’t really divide up my work but I always try to get the elements to work together better each time. It differs depending on the medium. There is a direction I’m following and I want to make sure I’m living up to that each time.

Kingdom’s Wheelhouse

Two Of The Three

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DDLCOPE is an artist based in Canada.


Photography / DLLCOPE @dllcope

Interview / Markéta Kosinová


Home Town Crowd – Zaneta Pernicova @zanetaart and Sadie

According To The Latest Formulas We Are – @artdecomodel

Don’t Tease Me Skypappy – Raquel, Jesse, Danielle, Sadie 

The Signs! Are In The Signs! – Aisha

Mysteri Us Organazm – @hazel.naught

Kingdom’s Wheelhouse – @claracloutier, @phylactere_ontheroad 

Sharp Future Vision – Aisha

Leave Everything To Us – Jesse, Liz, Raquel, Danielle (non-public models)

VIDEO / “E rato scenes”

Visuals and sound / DLLCOPE @dllcope

Performance / @phylactere_ontheroad

Vocal / miufly (

Violin / Gabriele Croci

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