Have you ever seen ceramic artworks that could stare into your soul? Well, now you have. The idiosyncratic, whimsical and vibrant vases and decorative sculptures by Italian ceramist and illustrator Jimmy D. Lanza are always ready for a face-off. Meet the artist whose creation sits on the living room coffee table of Chiara Ferragni.

As we focus on the SEED OF PEACE theme, let’s start our conversation by exploring the integration of harmony into design. Which part of shaping clay into a product evokes the strongest feelings of peacefulness for you?

At this stage, I am honestly a little anxious and hopeful that the whole process will work out for the best. I find peace once I see the finished product perfectly for how I envisioned it. I am a perfectionist.

Colours hold a special place in your clay work. Could you discuss why they’re essential in your art and how you use them to create different feelings?

I use colours as a means of communication, instinctively, based on the feeling I have and want to convey.

What is the main inspiration in which you find endless enthusiasm?

Life, music and nature.

Last question: any future projects? Do you want to explore any new themes or directions in your artisanship?

I have new pieces in mind and some collaborations that excite me; being unpredictable and vulnerable, I go with the flow of my feelings. I try to live in the present as best I can to ensure an exciting future.

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Daniele Lanza, also known as Jimmy D. Lanza, was born in 1979 in Vigevano, Italy. Since childhood, he has been drawing as an expression of his creativity, sensibility and refinement. In 1997, he graduated in graphics and in 2004, he graduated as an illustrator at Scuola Il Castello in Milan. In 2008, he began as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and decorator while still studying various painting techniques such as oil, pencil or watercolour, experimenting with all media always in search of new stimuli. He briefly delved even into tattooing or furniture design.

The encounter with ceramics at the beginning of 2016 was certainly cathartic and quickly consecrated him to the world of Made in Italy Design. The different series of VISOVASI Vases are certainly the most appreciated and recognizable works of his repertoire. The ceramics of Jimmy D. Lanza are unique pieces of craftsmanship, made entirely by hand in Italy in limited editions. The style is eclectic, referring to pop culture, symbolism, and surrealism romantically linked to nature. His main selling outlets are Etsy and Instagram and with his audience, he often creates a real relationship, exchanging advice and appreciation, and getting commissions.

His work was featured by DOMESTIKA, HI-FRUCTUSE MAGAZINE, CERAMIC MAGAZINE or CERAMICLICIOUS. He collaborated with Marco Lupo, a young entrepreneur from Milan, who founded the start-up LOOPO MILANO in 2020 for which Lanza created a series of very special vases depicting old ladies called LE SCIURE. Said collection has immediately received international praise and has been featured by the most renowned magazines of the dedicated sector such as ELLE DECOR or COSMOPOLITAN… and also made its way to the living room of CHIARA FERRAGNI.


Designer / Daniele Lanza @jimmydlanza

Interview / Kateřina Hynková

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