“We are now entering a magical age where spells and spirits are becoming a reality.” Dubbed “the brand for the Metaverse”, the duo of creators behind PET LIGER, Constantinos Panayiotou and Calibrate, crafts and exhibits 3D art and virtual footwear. With inspiration ranging from 90's manga illustrations to UK music scene's grime and garage, they partner with brands such as Gucci and pave the way for digital haute couture.

Constantinos Panayiotou, the brand’s founder, originally from Cyprus but now living and working in London, was kind enough to share some insights with us in an exclusive interview. Enjoy it below. 

P. s. in Constantinos’ words, Liger is a hybrid between a tiger and a lion. It’s an abomination, a monstrosity that shouldn’t exist.

What do you seek to add to the world as an artist?

I seek to bring something interesting, novel and great into this world. To bring joy to others and to make them smile. I seek to inspire.

How do you envision the future 100 years from now?

The future is uncertain, and it could go in a number of different directions. It’s possible that the world will become a completely unfamiliar and otherworldly place or it may revert back to more primitive ways of life like our ancestors. It’s likely that we will see a blend of these two possibilities, with people living as spiritual hunter-gatherers who value meaning, residing in nature and utilizing a combination of genetic enhancements and cybernetic augmentations/technologies.

Where is the edge between the real world and the digital world? Is there even a border?

For me, it’s all the same. It’s all part of the greater whole. 

Your shoe designs are bold and structurally rich; sometimes, they’re very organic. Where do you get inspiration from?

Every day, I craft a unique story of my life and post it to Instagram like a journal. Over the past four and a half years, I’ve documented my experiences, thoughts, and feelings in these footwear silhouettes. My surroundings, food, love, sex, senses, and emotions all serve as inspirations for my art. It’s like a graceful collaboration between myself, the world, and a higher power that guides my creative process. I never know where my inspiration will come from next, but I embrace the journey.

How do you perceive NFT art? Is it equivalent to tangible art?

I believe that the concept of NFT art has a long history, predating the current hype around it. Essentially, anything can be considered an NFT, from a simple grocery store receipt to a well-worn pair of sneakers or even a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa. The perception of what constitutes art and its value is subjective and varies from person to person, shaped by individual experiences and understanding. My friend and PET LIGER co-founder Calibrate has helped me gain a deeper insight into this.

The Internet, by its open-source system, has changed almost everybody’s life on the planet. Is Metaverse for everyone or is it more of a rich people’s exclusive club?

In my view, the Metaverse encompasses all things. I believe that humanity has been constructing and inhabiting the Metaverse since the earliest days of building houses, roads, and shrines with brick and stone. The only difference today is that it is dematerializing and becoming more interconnected. We are now entering a magical age where spells and spirits are becoming a reality.

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Founded by visionary artist and creative director Constantinos Panayiotou, PET LIGER is known for their outlandish and provocative footwear silhouettes, breaking style conventions and pushing innovation into an entirely new dimension. PET LIGER has already been a part of multiple ground-breaking Genesis digital collections that include sold-out collaborations with Metaverse builders Wilder World plus PL’s very own highly successful LIGERslides release. PET LIGER are also proud to be some of the first participants of Gucci’s prestigious Vault Art Space project.


Artist / PET LIGER @petliger


Interview / Agáta Zapotilová

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