“My work is a mixture of beauty, dreams and madness.” Beware all who dare to enter the chaotic, in-your-face, solid-lined and solid-coloured world of Zavka.

Meet The Hunter

“The Hunter is a comics made during Inktober 2018. It was quite interesting to take random words and make a logical story from them!” says Zavka about her creative process. “The story itself is about a hunter girl who destroys her environment to please herself. She poisons flowers, eats animals and shoots a star. It’s surreal and psychedelic also, as I often do in my other works. I can say that my work is a mixture of beauty, dreams and madness. 

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Zavka has been working for the Centrala publishing house and several fanzines, anthologies and magazines. Besides commissioned work, Zavka also finds time for her own projects and collaborations. Notably, her most prominent works include several publications such as “The Hunter” (2019) – a self-published comics, “The Serpent” (Centrala 2018) – an illustrated book based on a bloody Italian fairytale, “Hungry Hansel and Gluttonous Gretel” (Centrala 2017) – a psychedelic comic story based on a famous fable. A new work is coming out in February, under the wings of Centrala again, called “Jazda stąd” (“Ride away”) – a short thing about a breakdownT


ABOUT / Zavka is an illustrator and comics artist based in Warsaw, Poland, inspired by non-mainstream, alternative art scenes, creating illustrations using pencil, ink pens, paints and digital techniques. She’s also attracted to twisted interpretations of well-known old stories and tales, and to playing with them, adding another meaning or changing them entirely. Zavka is a multiply awarded comics and illustration author.

Step into Zavka’s universe:

Artwork & Text / Zavka

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