While introducing two series of playful and cheery illustrations by Katarina Kratochvílová, a versatile artist living in Prague, the Czech Republic, we're slowly ushering in our upcoming theme for 2021.


The RUN series / This series of illustrations is dedicated to running as the ultimate unifying sport. Running can enthuse anyone regardless of who and where you are from. It’s possible to only run up to your station when you’re late for a meeting, it’s possible to run in the evening after work or in the morning before dawn. You can have branded gear or run barefoot. But the feeling of freedom when you break into a run stays the same.


The MODERN GODS series / Motto: I am online, therefore I am.

God does not exist because he has never posted any selfies, has not tweeted anything and Youtubers never talk about him. Today we worship other idols. These modern gods do not need marble sculptures or stained glass windows in temples.  There is no need to pray to them and prove our devotion. They are here with us at all times, and therefore deserve to be shown.

This series of posters is dedicated to anyone who instantly opens Instagram with their alarm clock ringing in the morning and is not entirely sure what the difference between death and offline mode is.

The MODERN GODS series hints at the upcoming first SWARM theme of 2021, NEO-MEDIEVALISM, which will take the baton from FRONT RUNNER in the course of the next week.

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BIO / Katarina Kratochvílová is a professional illustrator living and working in Prague.

Katarina focuses mainly on editorial illustration such as magazine covers, children’s books and games. Her work is unique for its expressive lines and the combination of analogue and digital media. You could meet her works on the pages of the Nový prostor magazine, Scout Junák periodical, Leo Express trains brochures and the Woox clothing website and other print materials. Her self-described illustration style is magic realism. She is able to illustrate articles, magazine and book covers, music record covers, websites, applications or create mural design.

For more of her work or when seeking a commision, see Katarina’s website HERE.

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