French illustrator Gary Colin experiments with non-anthropomorphic, novelty, swarming and organic forms via a computer graphic programme to create living cartographies of other worlds.
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WORDS BY THE AUTHOR / I work mainly on art books and comics and I’m influenced by science-fiction and universes that are not very normal. With the help of drawing softwares, I create digital patterns and abstract shapes to represent hallucinogenic landscapes. I like the precise line and the digital atmosphere produced by the technique.


Before I start, I have a plan of what I want to draw but I leave room for mistakes or chances and the processes of computer rendering. I don’t always anticipate the result. 

My drawings show elements that are mutating. I like to transform the elements I draw into other things, sometimes abstract. And because it is comics, the reader can follow the successive phases of the transformation, just like chronophotography. It also allows me to play with a visual rhythm.

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I like to work with a teeming material that lives in the objects and spreads. 

Thus, the objects I draw are often deformed by their own composition, and even more abstract shapes appear. I then make frames and scale changes.


I don’t have a particular theme featured in my work. 

I often construct my stories like in a linear video game. The characters are progressing and interacting based on chance. I often avoid using human shapes, instead I draw anthropomorphic objects as characters. I look for a non-realistic representation.

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BIO / Gary Colin (*1987) studied graphic design at ESAG Penninghen in Paris, France. For his degree in 2014, he drew the book How to Kill, which initiated his work of experimental comics. In 2016, he founded a small press and riso printing studio named Les Éditions de la hyène. He self-publishes comics and art zines, and regularly attends several art book festivals.

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