Oasis of Hate is a self-described “freakshow” illustration project from Krakow, Poland, by Anna W. It draws you into eerie landscapes with a sophisticated play on textures, be it sleek and shiny metallic surfaces or ubiquitous wallpaper-like patterns.
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According to the author, ‘Oasis of Hate’ is a made up term for a feeling of inadequacy, especially in a social context when a person is forced to conform to social norms while being aware of their own falseness. “My sister and I came up with it as children while watching a cooking show on Polish television where everybody seemed very uncomfortable with each other. By chance, I chose this name as my social media nickname and I run with it now,” says Anna.


“My work is mostly translating reality into monochromatic pseudo-manga illustrations. I also tend to use obscure literary references. I’ve drawn comics that appeared in quite a few independent zines and anthologies.”

To see more of Anna W.’s work, please, visit @oasis_of_hate

Artwork & Text / Anna W. aka Oasis of Hate

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