A derelict seaside fortress is ruled by six sorceresses in an occult sisterhood vision of fashion designer Linda Kokkonen and filmmaker Laura Martínova.

Spanish filmmaker, Laura Martínova, and Finnish Aalto University graduate, Linda Kokkonen, collaborated and created a mystical artistic fashion video steeped in empowering witchcraft and the love and respect for nature. Produced by David Cuní and Laura Bestle, the video showcases Kokkonen’s womenswear collection, inspired by motorcycle racing clothes, Alexandrian Witchcraft and elements from the Victorian-era mourning etiquette.

The characters in the video are empowered female creatures showcasing seven garments made of red and black heavy leather and, at the same time, lightweight silk. The six women are gathering for a ritual to praise and to show their respect for nature and their heritage, correlating with the ethical and environmentally-friendly values behind the designer’s work. 

Linda Kokkonen focuses on creating artisanally crafted ethical looks in her collections. The pieces in the video are made of 80 % of recycled materials and ethical, locally produced leather. A heavy train, leather chaps, motorcycle jackets and pants, soft silk fabrics, massive dresses and corsets are rounded up with a romantic and unfinished rough touch. The director, Laura Martínova, created a beautiful mystical atmosphere in the video praising the full moon and the connection of the characters to their surroundings. The video was filmed in Catalonia, Spain, incorporating the Mediterranean sea and castle ruins of the region close to Barcelona. The pictures were taken by the Spanish photographer, Iris Vallés, showcasing the complex detail-rich handcrafted fashion pieces. Linda Kokkonen was chosen as Vogue Talent 2017 thanks to her collection and became a finalist at the International Hyères Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion accessories in 2018.

LINDA © Iris Valles Saez-201
LINDA © Iris Valles Saez-56
LINDA © Iris Valles Saez-666
LINDA © Iris Valles Saez-706
LINDA © Iris Valles Saez-431
LINDA © Iris Valles Saez-325
LINDA © Iris Valles Saez-763
LINDA © Iris Valles Saez-890

Directed by / Laura Martínova
Director of Photography / Maite Astiz
Producer / David Cuní
Producer / Laura Bestle
Stylist and designer / Linda Kokkonen
Photographer / Iris Vallés
MUA / Núria Pérez
Hair / Jose H. Peñaloza
Gaffer / Carles Fernandez Galí
Sparks / Alvar Rius and Isa Ebens
Assistant Camera / Marina Cano
Second assistant camera / Joan Planelles
Colourist / Alvaro Robles

VFX / Héctor Cornelles
Editor / Adriana Cuenca
Music by / MORN
Starring / Tania Fer, Raissa, Eszter Eross, Valentine Kozenko, Tania Fer and Linda
Thanks to / Servicevision, Blow Models and Francina Models

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