In seeking to infuse the jewellery industry with eco-friendly values, Movement – Arts – Mission (MAM) lead the way by example in their collections. Having received their sustainability certification earlier this year, they now spread their mission further through their cutting-edge and futuristic craftsmanship from 100% recycled metals. In today’s interview you will get to explore the brand’s design philosophy and adornments.

MAM brand 

MAM: This name is not just a shortening of mother, but a metaphorical representation of life and an acronym to represent our motivation and influences: M for Movement, A for Art, M for Mission​. ​We are a brand that is always moving forward, inspired by the simplicity and beauty of art and want to share our eco-friendly mission to the world.

As the brand on a mission, what is the proudest step that you have accomplished so far?

Our most important achievement so far is receiving the certification that all the metals we use are recycled. It took us years to make it happen and we finally got it done earlier this year.

Your brand is a reflection of eternal devotion to environmentally-friendly fashion. What is essential to keep in mind running an ethical brand?

It is to never give up on your beliefs. When you propose a different way of doing things, people will try to convince you that what you are offering is not possible when it actually is. So my advice is if you have your path clear, never stop trying, as you will eventually make it happen. The changes we are making today will help future entrepreneurs as we will have already established those new processes.

Give us some insight into your creative process: How do you design and build the Jewelry collection? 

We always get inspired by a specific theme we would like to explore. Then, we transform that huge concept into an idea, and we take that idea to another level, while staying focused on the DNA of our jewelry. MAM, a second skin.

We love the campaign images for MAM TWISTED. Can you tell us more about the concept?

The Metaverse world inspired this campaign. We were eager to play around with this new creative asset and see how our audience reacted to it. The twisted bag was the perfect product to start playing around with, as it allowed us to twist our 3D model back and forth just like the bag’s design. It was super fun to make it happen and see our ideas implemented in the campaign. So happy you like it as much as we do.

Are you currently preparing any new collection or collaboration we can look forward to? 

Indeed. There is so much cool stuff coming and a super cool collaboration that I cannot reveal just yet. 🙂

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MAM was founded by Jordi Enrique Albert, CEO, and Anthya Tirado, Creative Director and CMO, in the year 2014.

They started MAM with the aim to bring to their creative community a brand that would reflect their vision of the world, both on a design and a manufacturing level, by being as ethical with the environment as possible.

They began this adventure by designing wooden watches. After just one year, they managed to challenge the properties of wood and create the thinnest watch on the market, becoming a watch brand with an innovative style and unique aesthetics.

They decided to keep exploring new territory based on MAM’s DNA — that’s how they came up with their first jewelry and leather goods collection. It’s a new line designed so that each individual can create their own custom look, adding a distinctive and groundbreaking touch to their style.

Their current motivation is to continue revolutionizing the way people wear and use accessories. They want to create functional and genderless garments that provide the freedom to personalize and explore the individuality of each person in a creative way.


Design and answers / Founder, creative director of MAM Anthya Tirado

Interview / Kateřina Hynková

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