Aposematism in animals – bright, patterned colouration – exists to warn off predators. But colour plays a vastly different, nearly opposite role in the collections by Slovak fashion designer Dominika Kozáková. Playful, crustacean- or bunny-like elements emerge in elaborate and soft headwear, which invites us to hug and snuggle. Interview with the designer follows below.


The Motherland collection is heavily inspired by childhood and colourful memories from it, specifically by the garments knitted by Dominika’s grandmother with the use of wool from her own pet sheep. The collection is made in this spirit, garments are handknitted from natural materials or made from upcycled deadstock fabrics, making its production less harmful for the planet.

Your aesthetic is loud, extravagant, dreamy and covered in glitter. Where did you get such courage and drive from?

The pieces come from my inner world, they are collages of my feelings, experiences and adventurous friendships. They are full of magic and enchantments.

What is the founding message of your brand?

The brand’s message is about putting personality into the pieces, sustainability, local labour and creating with quality materials.


Would you tell us a bit about your aesthetic influences?

The inspirations are based on specific personal experiences from childhood, on sincere childhood innocence and carefreeness. Inspiration also flows from pop culture and circuses. I am inspired by the combination of colours, shapes and textures from natural scenes, overall by nature and creatures such as insects, butterflies, and flowers.



The collection named The Feast was inspired by the village life and the natural elements surrounding it. Gardens with working tools, flowers, plants and butterflies are all visual aspects continually repeating themselves in it. Fabrics used were deadstock, embellished by patterns, collages and coloured by natural dyes. Another important elements are plaster pieces and works of body-art, which physically draw us into Dominika’s world of inspiration.

The last question, as per our current theme: do you have a soulmate animal? 

I think there is more than one magical animal that I identify with, they keep changing. At the moment, I first thought of the worker bee but then I realized that the bee works for her queen. That’s why I will say I am a spider who knits and creates her own web, like when I go to the studio where I sew and knit my webs and collections.

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Dominika Kozáková is a Slovak fashion designer who makes collages full of adventurous friendships with a magical touch. Her works are a form of self-expression of her dreams, conflicts and beliefs. Her fashion shows are celebrations of life. 

In 2018, she presented her ”FREAK SHOW” collection at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, with the main inspiration for the collection being modern circus. The collection was later presented in the Netherlands during the FASHIONCLASH 2018, one of the most progressive platforms for young designers and artists. Since then, her name became synonymous with rebellious and genderless designs, provoking society to get rid of gender norms and formalities. Since 2018, she has presented her collections at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week each season, and in 2021, she has presented her collection “The Feast” at Budapest Central European Fashion Week.

In 2021, Kozáková also provided costumes and styling for the fashion film “Somebody” directed by American Jordan Blady. The film premiered in the i-D magazine and was awarded in the costume and styling category at the Berlin Commercial Film Festival. 

Famous magazines like Vogue Italia, i-D, Fucking Young, Kaltblut, and Dianne Pernet’s blog ASVOF have written about her work and contributions to the fashion world. Dominika’s clothes are worn by celebrities like Sita Abellan and Shy Girl, Kelsey Lu.


Interview / Kateřina Hynková @khynko 

Translation / Františka Blažková

Fashion designer  – all collection / Dominika Kozáková @dominikakozakova__


Motherland SS/22

Photo: Samuel Alexander Petráš @samuel_alex__

Model: Mor Wen @ujdeto


SS-21 Hats

Photo: Tobias Paral @filmarik

Model: Ezra Šimek @nornwaith


The Feast

Photo: Claudia Thomas @claudia1thomas

Models: Linda Kemrová @vykalinda , Radek Smieško @radeksmiesko

Fashion, make-up, styling, set design by designer @dominikakozakova__


Photo: Samuel Alexander Petráš @samuel_alex__

Model: Maria Chose da Costa

Fashion, make up by designer @dominikakozakova__

Assistant & light set up: Iurii Ladutko @iuriiladutko.raw 

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