“Love is a biological weapon that bodies make to survive extinction and evolution.” 3D creator Lolita 111000, the first Spanish artist to be represented by a digital avatar, breathes life into trans-species creatures that reflect her deep adoration of non-human animals. Her work is inspired by posthumanism, biology, and friends. Enjoy an interview drenched in 'chaotic good' energy.

Tell us, when did you get interested in the digital art world?

All started at the university, I was studing graphic design, which I used to hate so f*cking much, and, at that time, I was trying to start with video art. My first video art was actually nominated for Best Video Art at the NYC Independent Film Festival. After that, I’ve decided to just make hundreds of videos but I’ve realized how expensive is to make your thoughts real! I just did not want to have any limitations or change my ideas so they can fit into a €100 budget, so I´ve decided, ‘f*ck it, I’m gonna start with 3D and just make every crazy tought I have.’ I started learning after classes and spent every day immersed in the 3D world. 

Then one day, I’ve decided to make a crazy version of myself called Lolita, she was born in a computer, I’ve made her, rendered her. She was born a digital persona with an Instagram account, uploading pics of herself (now me) with a boyfriend and the beach, and all that…

Then she (now me) became an elf, and now we’ve become creatures, and I turn people I love into the creatures I see in them.

Looking through your work, we could say that the main focus is creating trans-species beings. Can you offer any guidance on how to approach your artworks?

My main interests lie in technology, empathy, love, instict, intuition, attraction, and spirituality. I think love is a biological weapon that bodies make to survive extintion and evolution. It’s all about love. I am an animal person, I love them more than everything in the world. I see in them the pure creation, zero bullsh*t, and I just see the impossible look of the world and the biology. I would love to earn enough money to buy a bit of land and just save all the abused animals I could find and bring them there and start the proccess of rehabilitating them back into the wild or, in the case of domestic animals, just make their lives as good as possible.

So, it’s just the love that drives me; I could start a philosophical monologue on why and when and whatever but the thing is, I want to bring love. Many artist just hide behind well written discourse but this is not me, I do have my discourse and I know what I want to communicate but I think you can just see it, feel it. I am obssesed with biology and AI too, you can see AI references in some of my pics but again, is all about love…

Could you pull aside the curtain a bit on your creative processes? Where do you get inspiration?

Well, I like reading science books, listening to scientists just wildly opens my mind. I take inspiration from them and, of course, I take inspo from fine-art installations more than anything, especially from crazy sculptures. I also feel so inspired by the people I work with such as Steph Yepes, KKKKKKKKKKKKKK(etc), and Virgen María. I just see the person who is in front of me, and all the ideas and mental pictures I’ve been thinking about this month start making sense, for example. It’s just a soul-to-soul conversation, and when I’m with souls in whom I feel the energy, it is wild, my mind just explodes and all the references and the ideas just make their path by themselves. I just have to follow my intuition driven by this person’s soul.

Where do you intend to go next with your style?

Right now, exhibitions make me happy; the opportunity to do whatever the hell I want to do is just wild. I would, of course, love to collaborate with brands I feel conected with, and other artist as well, musical and visual artist I feel conected with. For me, the key to making a good project is the unspoken conection I feel. Right now, I see myself making crazy sculptures in a couple of years.

Are you currently preparing any exhibitions or projects we can look forward to?

Yes, I am! I do have my first solo exhibition in Madrid curated by the amazing Luis Berenguer, on 19th May at 19 hours (7 p.m.), thats an angel number. I have five more projects that I would LOVE to talk about but I’m afraid it may be a secret until I release them, but yeah, very excited for what’s coming next.

Within the framework of our current theme, WHO LET THE DOGS OUT, what animal would you like to become?

This question is just so hard. I’m in love with orcas, such inteligent animals, they have more capacity of love than we do.

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Lolita 111000 from Madrid, Spain, is a rising digital artist whose renown has been growing exponentially in the last two years. In the early years, she was awarded for Best Video Art at the NYC Independent Film Festival, and she was also the first artist to be represented as a digital avatar in Spain. She has been since attracting the attention of the media and has been interviewed by various outlets, one of them MTV. Lolita 111000 was also named one of the promises in innovation in 2019 by the IED, being invited to Design Week organized by the European Institute of Design. 

Her latest work focuses more on the creation of trans-species humans than on human beings in animal form. This has attracted the attention of several artists around the world, some of whom are well known, which resulted into collaborations. Lolita’s interests lie in the field of natural sciences and technology as tools for work and reflection.


Digital art / @lolita111000 web

Interview / @khynko

Photo session / Horses

By: @lolita111000

Creative direction: @kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk___kkkk @lolita111000

Produced by: @theroyalproductioncompany

Stylist: @hanheth

Set: @chloee_maugile_

Gaffer: @helenaense

Cam assit: @re6f4aei

Light assit: @ekky_l


FURSONA Photo session

Furosonas & digital set recreation : @lolita111000

Set & photo: @salazrakii

Stylist: @stephaniayepes

Producer: @theroyalfamilyfilms @findingpink

Text: @instituteforpostnaturalstudies


Stylist assistant: @juanan.usero

Photo assistant: @borjallobregat

Art assistant: @nereamanzano

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