Having a dream about loneliness or waking up lonely. Where is everyone? A SWARM-inspired poem by Tomáš Roček that, in turn, inspired tailor-made illustrations by Nikolas Petrlík. Follow the Queen.
nik uvodka

Images of a bee worker

Windows, smiley wide open
to buy or to get,
to be kind or to hang.

Hello, elves! 
No midsteps. No classes.
No masks. 
Warm motherhood, red love, 
red work, red distance.
Then on the street 
the people
(humanity, not crowds) passing,
sitting on benches, 
smiling and talking.

To work is like to have a disease?
Main character?

sharing a moment on the edge 
of an ant nest and a hospital. 
Proximity – between friends and places.
Openness, sunny day.  
Light forest, dry pampa, fresh wound:
blood dripping on the yellow of a grass.
Everything migrating.



The royal colour
Prussian, Oxford, baby Blue  – Aeon
The Queen
Having a dream about loneliness
or waking up lonely.
Dream body and a body of time.
Arktos – abandoned
Sangre Azul admired
and found?

Where is everyone.



From the perspective of a right eye
from the perspective of a left eye
from no perspective
from black perspective
from old traditional perspective
from a perspective of a new life
from a silly and naïve perspective

we used to see the differences in 
two-colour spectrum,
but now we don’t. 
We are not.

Skhisma: importance of 
or importance for?

New Color: Transparent
lack of reason
no judging
living out of promises
someone made

speaking of images
in images


And these are some of he images of a new logic
(And those are the colours of a new alphabet)
*** or are they consequences ***
Two colours: hidden in a rendered alpha channel

The Idea of a Queen

A woman 
entering and passing shelves
nicely wrapped products
ribbons, carrots, ebony and
ivory skins  
sunbathing creams and
She is smiling:
at you – passing left –
at us – sitting on a red sofa right with elves.
She is kind, she is soft and warm
as manners of tall people
as you, raised in the villas of Congo. 
Old lady is feeding pigeons with crumbs (cramps)
falling asleep 
on a bench. 
a pigeon.

A swarm in a blooming forest,
a swarm about to land, two teenagers poking
a termite nest with sprouting sticks,
the girl raising plump arm, plump armpit,
the boy spreading fat cheeks fat buttocks. 
Both mother nature 
for swarm 
for “to land”
for this or that 
for morning. For happiness of exchanging places.
Withdrawn for a moment from consequences.


When one arm of the Queen is clipped off,
the aristocracy, (Duchesses and Dukes, 
Mentors and Ministers)
may issue difficulties due to the Queen’s inability 
to fly.

In the heart of the black continent
the Queen rides an elephant
her eyes black gold
her back straight her posture
elegant and demanding.

Successful scouts will then come back and report the location.

in the night
before she puts herself to sleep
she wears off her black gold eyes
her silver eyebrows, blue veins
pale white legs and
strong feminine arms.
She lays down next to her elephant
and she says:
“the queen leaves the colony” Azul


The Queen
accompanied by a virgin queen
in cheerful robes
with ladies and gentlemen beside
in a cosmos of niceties and 
pretended eye blinks
(and of course two-bladed clichés).

When arm of the old queen
is sewn onto the baby queen. 

The counts and countesses, 
the princesses, the bourgeois 
will gather on the courtyard –

 – the virgin queen wears off their pains
and classifications
she puts her third Palm (as only a
virgin woman with a hand of a sour 
sinner can) on wrinkled foreheads of the people,
she looks into every eye at a time and 
she crosses six fingers.

This is not a prevention method? 
Is it a method of a lifeworld retrieval?
First transparent layer on which the 
kingdom was built
shows up on a white sky?

Sans queen /

Long corridor to the garden
sunlight bringing conturas of
colours to all the children and female
heroes, to the future, to us.

Woman buying presents
for people – now similar
in warm hands, recovering from
sparkles of joy, from fireworks, partais, 
little red spots
and palms sick of
hard work.

The rule of the first night 
to everyone
to sleep.

She’s the queen
slay queen.

Constant buzz around squares
behind trees and visual hum
to cover gallow hills 
with flowers.

(She’s the Queen
She’s the virgin queen </or slay queen/>
she’s the people’s queen)

are manifested (and understood) ,
as your favorite colours. Pick.



Poem / Tomáš Roček
Illustration / Nikolas Petrlík

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