A short fashion story about warriors, gods and wild tribes is embedded in the scenery of Soviet-era block housing, old mosaics and an abandoned brutalist palace of culture.
mythos uvodka
Filmmaker Matyáš Fára worked his perception of contemporary myths and imagery of urban tribal lore into a short suggestive fashion movie.
Prague filmmaker Matyáš Fára brings his vision of a modern myth to life. A short fashion story about warriors, gods and wild tribes is embedded in the scenery of Soviet-era block housing, old mosaics and an abandoned brutalist palace of culture. “It’s a clash of the past and the present covered in a greek-like myth-driven story. 

One of the reasons behind the look of this video is my passion for brutalist buildings and my huge collection of European comic books. From the top of my mind, Jodorowsky & Gimenez: The Saga of The Meta-Barons definitely left its mark. Also, I probably played too much Tekken as Yoshimitsu when I was young,” Matyáš says about his work and inspiration.



Brand: César&Charles

Directed by: Matyáš Fára
Director of Photography: David Hofmann
Executive Producer: Pavel Picek / Armada Films
Line Producer: Lukáš Dvořák / Armada Films
Production manager: Mojaš Perović
Assistant Director: Vlastimil Kadeřábek
Production Designer: Stella Šonková
Props: Matěj Zachata
Stylist: Marek Volf
MUA: Phil La Noiraude
Focus Puller: Pavel Dostál
2nd AC: Ondřej Andrešič
Gaffer: Tomáš Voltér
Grip: Vítek Rosenbaum
Steadicam: Ondřej Nemějovský
Edit: Katarína Gramatová
Postproduction: R.U.R.
Grading: Vojta Štetka / R.U.R.
Music: Jan Macháček aka. Ancestral Vision
SFX: Michal Pajdiak
Photographer: Maxim Stano
Casting: New Aliens Agency
Camera rental: Vantage Prague
Light rental: M-LIGHT
Agency: Isobar

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