Croatian filmmaker and photographer Marcella Zanki, known for the short film ODE TO YOUTH presented by Nowness, whose work bridges the worlds of fashion, documentaries and music videos, talks about her experimental film LOST GENERATION, starring Serbian supermodel icon Angelija Vujevic.

WORDS BY THE AUTHOR / Experimental film LOST GENERATION is a story about the mixed emotions of a generation that was born and raised during the break-up of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was made up of six socialist republics with Tito as their leader and it was a huge country where everyone had access to free education and healthcare, mandatory social insurance, job stability, paid vacation – where all human rights regarding basic human needs were respected.

However, the growing up of our generation was not marked by Yugoslav socialism as much as it was by the wars that tore the system apart, and by capitalism which entered our lives all of a sudden. We are a generation between socialism and capitalism that was raised in the spirit of times past and which has to find its way in this present time.

Snímek obrazovky 2020-05-20 v 9.51.17
Snímek obrazovky 2020-05-20 v 9.54.46

“Yugoslavia” is the name of the future that hasn’t happened but its promises still persevere.

We all grew up listening to the Yugoslav hit song “Dance” by funky musician Boban Petrovic who constantly pops into mind of the main character of the video as a refreshing and nostalgic feeling of Yugoslavia’s worry-free atmosphere because, for her, “Yugoslavia” is the name of the future that hasn’t happened,

but its promises still persevere. Yugoslavia is no more. There’s no future either, only us – a lost generation – but as long as we question our own and our world’s existence, as long as we try to get to know others, love or try to love, we change ourselves and become new beings, we overcome ourselves and change reality.

The video is for non-commercial, artistic purposes only. Contains archival footage from random YouTube videos.

Snímek obrazovky 2020-05-20 v 9.53.34

Director / Marcella Zanki
DoP / Vladimir Pavić
Second camera / Stefan Danilović
Cast / Angelija Vujevic
Costume / Jovana Markovic
Make up / Ljiljana Petrovic
Text / Saša Savanovic
Translation / Mirna Vidakovic
Voiceover / Tijana Todorovic
Music / Boban Petrovic – Đuskaj, Beethoven – Moonlight sonata

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