Two video concepts by Veronika Švecová are exploring the possibility of a healing influence of passive video-game spectating and presenting a faux documentary about tiny harmonising organisms that restored the Earth from the impacts of Anthropocene.


 The video is one of many episodes of the Mysterious Rebirths series, imitation documentary approaches. This programme zeroes in on special microorganisms responsible for the restoration of the world as we know it in the distant future. The popular-science piece reveals tiny creatures resisting years of ecosphere damage caused by human inconsiderateness. The neglect and the preference of comfort and profit that came alongside the human race were not compatible with nature, which couldn’t break free of artificial influences. The evolution, which has given a strong defence mechanism against changes to some organisms, has allowed these creatures to survive. Their unique ability to regenerate the system back into a harmonic cycle was key for humankind’s survival. The capability of generating constant change, a better version of oneself. 

The short video was designed to be presented as a looped gallery installation. It appeared at a group exhibition Nothing New Under the Sun at the Světova 1 gallery. The exhibition’s themes were climate change and the crisis of late capitalism, addressing the feelings of guilt and anxiety plaguing humankind. Casis Blisterius is supposed to show a vision that foreshadows hope in our current dark period.


The activity of playing video games can be an absorbing, even psychedelic experience. For those who don’t own a gaming console, there’s YouTube with an endless stream of gameplay videos. The fascination of watching an anonymous gamer on a certain skill level gives us space to complement what we see with our imagination. That’s where our video starts – with the trailer of a fictional video game, Dreamoboros.

Post-apocalyptic future, as a common video game theme, serves as the starting point for a notion of a future beyond the boundary of the dystopian vision. A positive new start is essential to this strategy after the world perished with the help of corporate giants. Collective Dreamers is a small community of elves that survived the catastrophe as one of a few and fights with its “dreamergy” against the corporate system of thought commodification. The fantasy that could come true via a joystick connected to our senses and impressions is based on a simulation of the idea of these rules. The elves strive to create a new global infrastructure linking the autonomous desire and dreaming. Escapism, which could project its positive influence into our real lives and cause a revolution in gaming and our conception of the future during late-stage capitalism. “BE PART OF COLLECTIVE DREAMERS & RETURN THE SOUL TO THE WORLD.”


Veronika Švecová is a digital artist currently living in Prague, the Czech Republic. Using 3D graphics and video game software allows her to have an open field for creating and imagining fictional worlds. She focuses on future possibilities in the sense of positive technological and social changes. Fantasy speculations are toying with an admitted naiveté. Spirituality, which greatly influences her, permeates through her works in a virtual environment that could be depicted the same way the landscape of our subconscious mind can. Presently, she’s finishing her studies at the Film and TV School of AMU, at the Center for Audiovisual Studies (CAS) studio.

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