“Cosmic Planta is the story of a planet in a completely different galaxy that has not yet been discovered. Only our green friends live on the planet; plants and trees. After a special asteroid from outer space lands on this green planet, everything changes...” In today’s feature, Princess Hıdır invites us to her vivid universe where Ozoyo’s ephemeral beats pulse with the sentient flora’s breaths.

Project Description

Cosmic Planta is the story of a planet in a completely different galaxy that has not yet been discovered. Only our green friends live on the planet; plants and trees. After a special asteroid from outer space lands on this green planet, everything changes… The liquid that flows through the asteroid gives the plants a nervous system and several brains that are spread over the plants and trees. The trees can dissolve, they can move, dance, be invisible and communicate with each other on frequencies we cannot hear.

The “Cosmic Planta” EP project was created in collaboration with the musician Ozoyo, with music & visuals progressing together. It all started with the Ozoyo commission and we wanted to conceptualize our common love for nature in an EP. We are both big fans of nature, also quite aware of the cruelty done to nature. We have created such a project to draw attention to the beauties of nature.

The idea of a planet inhabited by plants and trees is quite common in futuristic visions. What was your thought process behind choosing this concept as the basis for your art project?

Ozoyo and I have always been great nature lovers. As our awareness increased, particularly in relation to nature, life and space, our interest in nature increased at the same time as our question marks and concerns. Like most people, we transfer our current thoughts and feelings to our work and in this case that is visual art for me and music for him. During an outing in nature, Ozoyo imagined a planet where dancing trees and plants have a nervous system, so he made the tracks and I made the visuals. We also have other collaborations like Ooo, Oquo etc. in which there are also certain concepts.

In Cosmic Planta, the trees are not just stationary organisms, but rather have the ability to dissolve, move, and communicate with each other. What inspired you to incorporate these fantastical elements, and how do you think they enhance the overall message of the project?

Yes, plants can’t talk like humans or dance with your friends in a nightclub. But of course we know that they also communicate in different ways with each other or act over time. They just do it their own way. For example, it is incredible that trees or mushrooms in the forest are connected and aware of each other thanks to the bonds under the ground called mycelium. Or watch the accelerated movement of a plant trying to catch the sun. In fact, this is the inspiration, nature itself. Perhaps the story of Cosmic Planta is a bit fictional, but it’s real at the same time.

The use of invisible frequencies in communication between the trees in Cosmic Planta is a fascinating and thought-provoking idea. How did you approach the task of visualizing something that is inherently invisible, and what do you think this aspect of the project says about the limitations of human perception and understanding of the natural world?

Most living things in nature have very strange shapes, and many have evolved abilities that we cannot perceive. Some of them really are like aliens straight out of a sci-fi movie. We had conversations with Ozoyo about sound and, of course, we also had the topic of frequencies and that we humans can only hear certain frequencies. That is why in Cosmic Planta there are plants that communicate through certain frequencies.

The theme of communication between organisms is prominent in Cosmic Planta. What broader message or statement do you hope your artwork conveys about the importance of communication, whether it be between trees on a distant planet or between humans on Earth? 

In fact, rather than giving a clear message, it’s nice that people who see and listen to our stuff make a different meaning in their own way. Of course, we also somehow reflect our own world or the world we imagine. During the cover-drawing stage, I was inspired by forest plants living in harmony with each other with their magnificent diversity and beauty. Most of the plants that appear on the cover have been drawn with inspiration from Planet Earth, we have diversified it based on the plant photos I chose or Ozoyo sent me.

The “Cosmic Planta” EP project was inspired by your mutual love of nature and desire to draw attention to its beauties. What message do you hope to convey about nature through this project, and what role do you see art playing in raising awareness about environmental issues?

I definitely think that art can be quite helpful in drawing attention to environmental issues. With art, we can reinterpret natural processes, raise awareness about environmental problems, repair even damaged ecosystems, and convey the power and beauty of nature and wildlife. But of course, while designing the cover of Cosmic Planta, I tried to convey the story to the visual aspect rather than give a message.

The concept of an undiscovered planet inhabited only by plants and trees is a fantastical and imaginative one. How did you use this concept to explore themes related to the natural world and its preservation, and what do you hope viewers and listeners take away from the project?

In fact, as I said, it’s very valuable for everyone to make a meaning in their own way. We don’t like explanations that much in art. It’s more important than a teaching… That people put on their headphones, look at the visuals, dive into that world, have different dreams and have a good time. In addition, what we want to tell is like an extra thing, maybe there are meanings or feelings that will be noticed as you dive into details. Sometimes we get hit by comments from people we don’t know, and we feel really good at these times.

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Princess Hıdır is an Illustrator/Art Director based in Istanbul, Turkey. While continuing her education at Marmara University, Graphic Design Department, she started to work with reputable brands in advertising agencies as Art Director. She is currently working as a Freelance Illustrator/Art Director. Princess is taking inspiration from sci-fi, nature & all creatures and surreal arts and she mainly produces works for the fields of Music, Advertisement, Publishing and Games.


Artist / Princess Hıdır @princesshidir

Musician / Ozoyo @ozoyoo

Interview / Markéta Kosinová

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