Camille VanDag, a Geneva-based designer, produces otherworldly accessories and footwear with a retro-futuristic feel, with emphasis on sustainability and environmental respect.

WORDS BY THE AUTHOR / Vandag.Studio came to life at the end of my Fashion Design studies  at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). During my studies, I did an exchange semester at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute where I studied Fashion & Management, which allowed me to broaden my outlook at the importance of sustainability. This mindset about environmental ethic is still present in my work today. Furthermore, during my graduating years, I developed a strong interest in accessories and shoes. After my graduation, I joined the Paco Rabanne Studio as an assistant stylist and RTW Senior. During this internship, I was privileged to work in the Accessory Studio and developed a great interest in leather goods and shoes. In my works, I’m inspired by my environment, sustainability and feminism.

Consumers are waking up to the disastrous impact fast fashion has on the environment.  There are plenty of garments on the planet. As I see it, instead of buying new clothes regularly, we should create pieces that are designed to last much longer and buy models that allow the garments to be reused, repaired or recycled, and replaced as part of the circular economy. Next year, I would like to create designs from second-hand clothes & accessories by adding my own touch. I want to create a sustainable craft.

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Featured collection /

Follow the Martine Glitch, 2019

Two years ago, in collaboration with Sarah Bounab for his Master 1 Collection, we started working on the collection “Follow the Martine Glitch”. The design was inspired by an utopian world of ” Follow the Martine Glitch” in 2019. Our aim was to create a sustainable design for this collection. Our process was to reuse shoes from second hands to re-create a new design. The fabrics are mostly vegetable-tanned leather & recycled plexiglas.

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Come with us on Mars, 2017

Creation of a capsule collection inspired by Buren and a sculpture. Comprises a range of structural garments patterned with colourful stripes. I developed those constructions to create a garment, which wraps around the body. I was looking into deformations and modifications of the human body. The print is designed by hand; there is a playful interaction between the stripes and the cutting on my clothes. The aim was to use all the fabric without waste material. This collection modifies and questions the traditional silhouette and morphology of the body.

CHS_3819 copie
CHS_3797 copie

Credits / Vandag.studio & Sarah Bounab @vandag.studio

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