The experimental collection from Kristína Dúhová is intended for the leisure activities of Gen Z. It was compiled based on of researched symptoms, which define the Z members.

The experimental collection is intended for the leisure activities of Gen Z. It was compiled based on researched symptoms that define the Z members. The cornerstone thought is that Generation Z is one of the first demographies that fluently occupies the boundary between the physical and virtual world. They were the first to be born into a physical plane of existence and naturally create its digital equivalent. 

The collection asks itself a question: which type of apparel will be desirable for their lifestyle if virtuality and reality fuse into one coherent unit? All this resulted in a conception concerned with online and offline identity, transferred into a tangible visual form of clothing. 


Designer / Kristína Dúhová
Photography / Shotby.Us
Model / Markéta Jandová

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