Polish artist Karol Mietkiewicz, also creating and known under his brand name Charlie Mintson, verges on the edge of sculpture, design and alien armour with his delicate, fluid and orchid-shaped bodices, face masks and headdresses.

“On an abstract level, his flower garden may simply represent the experience of desire in a way that you, as Alice, focus your energy and emotions on trying to attain it.”

WORDS BY THE AUTHOR / I come from Eastern Europe, from a Polish village surrounded by beautiful nature. Nature is the point around which the circle closes in my life – the foundation of the art that I create. It is also a basic creative and ideological element in my life and it helped me to consolidate my goals. It all started in my childhood at the age of eight and it’s been accompanying me until now when the (in the beginning still incomplete) circle has been completed.

I have been inspired by nature to create sculptures and paintings.

I chose art and culture at school and my studies, to do and to love the best in myself. I finished my studies as the best student at my university and, eventually, started designing my own costumes about five years ago. My main techniques are casting previously designed shapes as well as using assemblage, therefore, I am mainly using polymers. Everything is inspired by organic shapes and made by my own bare hands.

Furthermore, I was awarded by and participated in many national and international exhibitions, competitions and collaborations e.g. in Japan, USA, England, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Norway and more. My art has been part of national/international exhibitions as well as featured in leading magazines e.g. Vogue, Gala, Instyle or Kaltblut.

I want to continue my work until the end of my life to give back to the people at least some of the beauty and inspiration nature has given to me so, eventually, everything can complete its next cycle.

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Photography / Iwona Aleksandrowicz @iwona.aleksandrowicz
Makeup & hair / Namie Nguyen @_namie.makeup_
Models / Maja Mei & Uchenna Jonas @uchi.verse

Style & costumes / Karol Mietkiewicz @charlie_mintson

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