As Jack Handey famously wrote in his book Deep Thoughts: “One thing vampire children are taught is, never run with a wooden stake.” But jokes aside, our editorial for the final 2022 theme, FULL OF DESIRE, is here. We searched far and deep for the epitome of passion, quintessence of insatiable hunger, and undying lust. And who embodies everlasting, immortal cravings better than vampires? Have fun browsing, our little children of the night.

I am not your Dracula spectacular

This is not your weekend in Vegas

This is not your selfie obscura

I am not your tour guide of Paris

No vampires remain in Romania

No vampires remain in Romania

Don’t walk alone in Transylvania

No vampires remain in Romania

This is not West Hollywood on Thursday

I am not your objet d’art

I am not your sepia heyday

This is not the moment we part

No vampires remain in Romania

No vampires remain in Romania

Don’t donate blood in Transylvania

No vampires remain in Romania

I am not your pop starlet saviour

This is not your reference du jour

This is not your sanctioned behaviour

I am not the disease or the cure

No vampires remain in Romania

No vampires remain in Romania

Don’t sing this song in Transylvania

No vampires remain in Romania

Lyrics taken from King Luan’s song ‘No Vampires Remain in Romania

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Produced by SWARM MAG.


Creative dir.: Markéta Kosinová @__maarketa__

Photography: Samuel Alexander Petráš @samuel_alex__

Concept: Markéta Kosinová & Kateřina Hynková

Styling: Kateřina Hynková @khynko

Assistant: Agáta Zapotilová @agata_zapotilova  

MUA & hair: Nina Kirk @cheshirecat8

Modesl: Adéla and Jonáš from ( @adelasimsi & @jonas_kliment)

Location: Chateau Třebešice @chateautrebesice

Production: SWARM MAG @swarmmag @swarm_production


Zuzana Kubíčková @zuzanakubickova

Martin Hrča @martin_hrca

Dry Milk of Virgin Mary @drymilkofvirginmary

Karolína Čechová @kcarolin

Princ z Moravy @princ.z.moravy


Atelier Hora @atelier_hora 

Anežka Juhová @anezkajuhova

Antonie Lecher @antonie_lecher

Accessories: Bohemian Gloves @bohemiagloves 

Special thanks to dolls collector Eva Ciganková

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