Enter Heim Group, the fashion and visual designer brand, and their recent collection concept oscillating between the sacred and blasphemous. “...Angels chirping, they whispered that a person is able to rise to the level of god only when the devil overcomes them.” Strap up and step in, for the divine may yet be the future.
devil god uvodka


“Formation of a new God within oneself and in the virtual space.”

This closed collection creates and reinterprets the religion of a new meta-human who creates his own new reality.

The collection is designed in the style of a small interactive digital presentation show, in which the focus is not only on outfits,

but also a unique frank conceptual story.





HEIM intuitively senses who the new person will be in the virtual space, in a new world where templates and shortcuts will disappear.

If you look closely, in our show you can find many references to various historical characters, some provocative notes.





HEIM takes us back to our roots to understand who we are now and who we will be in the near future.

We rethink the most ambitious story in our own way and bring a person to a new perception of reality.



Hidden in this little piece is a powerful, energetic manifesto.

Our new religion is to get everything we want without any consequences,

controlling yourself and the whole world.

BIO /  The “HEIM GROUPP” brand specializes in content creation, digital fashion, motion, design and show presentations. It was founded by VALERIYA GUSLYAKOVA.

fragment concept story
fragment concept story 2


Artworks / Heim Group

IG @heim.groupp

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