Digital artist Olia Svetlanova mostly deals with body- and face-hugging accessories and suits that seem to inseparably stick to or maybe even grow on their wearer. They range in appearance from shapes of stringy, sharp, smelted metals to oozing, organic and jelly-like forms with a seeming life of their own. Enjoy a mini interview with the artist below.

What fascinated you about digital art at the beginning of your artistic journey compared to now?   

The possibility of being able to build/realize the imagery I had in mind and to be able to create my online identity, completely different from the real one. It would have been impossible by conventional means.


How close are these two worlds in your life: natural reality and digital reality?

They are completely melted together and interdependent.


How would you describe the process of creating your digital artworks? 

I am almost always quite intuitive. The main part of the creation process happens first in the research and documentation phase. In this sense, the internet is fundamental and allows me to easily access an infinite amount of images and to see things that happen in places that are physically very distant from where I live.


Where do you get the ideas for your eye-catching creations?



And the last question: utopian or dystopian future. What is your bet? 

Both of them. I believe that the two drives will contribute to building our imagination and our future in a concrete way.


ARTWORKS / @oliasvetlanova_

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