Let us introduce the Eastern Slovak band Kvaskova with the charismatic photographs also from Slovak author Lena Luga.
kvasokva uvodka

The Eastern Slovak band Kvaskova consists of four members: Jaroslav Ďurček/guitar, Peter Mladý/bass guitar, Ján Čura/drums, and Zdenka Kvasková/vocals and keyboard. They build rich, layered compositions in which the guitar, bearing repetitive melodic motifs, enters together with electronic effects. Dark and melancholic musical passages alternate with energetic ones, rock character alternates with balladic.

kvaskova a luga (14)
kvaskova a luga (18)
kvaskova a luga (15)
kvaskova a luga (17)
kvaskova a luga (4)
kvaskova a luga (9)2
kvaskova a luga (10)2

Non-traditional instruments such as xylophone and surprising drum rhythms that include jazz- and Latin-inspired themes enhance their sound. Imaginative arrangements are held together by the distinct bass line. The Ruthenian singer’s unusual timbre highlights the suggestive musical expression. Besides playing the keyboard, Zdenka sensitively sings own texts in her native language and Slovak. 

kvaskova a luga (20)
kvaskova a luga (5)2
kvaskova a luga (16)

The lyrics are an open statement, they are intimate, dreamy but avoid pathos, even when they describe addiction or relationships.

kvaskova a luga (7)2
kvaskova a luga (6)2
kvaskova a luga (11)

Photography / Lena Luga
Text & Model / Kvaskova

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