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“I suppose the way humans think is naturally gothic in a sense. The desire to simplify the perceived world, to abstract everything we cannot reasonably grasp and, at the same time, be a part of it all,” says artist Dominik Adamec. Which way do the Middle Ages penetrate into his works, how does the contemporary chimera look, and what does repetition lead to?
We got flooded with breathtaking art in the wake of our open call for the first SWARM Mag theme of 2021, NEO-MEDIEVALISM, and that's why we are changing the theme's duration for the first time. Get the rundown of what you can look forward to in the course of the upcoming not three but six months.
This space wouldn't thrive as much without a semi-regular supply of poetry so we've called upon the first Poet Laureate of Plymouth, one of the earliest loyal fans of SWARM Mag and our friend Stephan Delbos to deliver us from this specific medium shortage. Accompanied by illustrations by Czech artist Mikoláš Zika. Enjoy a piece tailored to and inspired by our current umbrella topic – FRONT RUNNER
Is masturbation a race? A contest? And if it is – with whom? Czech writer and anthropologist Zuzana Trachtová shuffles and deals out the playcards of the game of self-discovery and self-pleasure. The text is accompanied by delicate and symbolic illustrations by Czech artist Julie Daňhelová, which were custom made for SWARM Mag.
In her essay, Czech writer Bára Čápová gives us an intricate look into the heyday and present state of a once-popular online world-building game still suspended “out there”. This piece was composed exclusively for SWARM Mag.
The year's end is nearing and with it a fourth theme to complete the cycle appears. Here you'll find your introduction to FRONT RUNNER. You'll meet FRONT RUNNER on our website from 21st October 30th December.
Each time the Czech independent record label Genot Centre lets out a new release, it's a little audiovisual feast. This time, it's Euglossine's Blue Marble Agony that will grace the world in just two days time, alongside artwork by Lenka Glisníková and video teaser by h5io6i54k.
Scene: a flat. Setting: a pandemic lockdown. Cast: a group of friends, artists and flatmates. Time: timelesness. Enjoy an essay by Vít Jebavý outlining how one can push out routines assigned to various parts of our living premises.
“Tabula Rasa is faith. Tabula Rasa is.” TABULA RASA, an experimental theatrical troupe from Prague, breathes new life into scrap materials, old entities, thoughts hidden under the surface, and materials deemed useless and redundant.
“Written for Swarm Mag in a bus from Prague to Chlumec nad Cidlinou. It was hot, too hot, and the couple behind me kept kicking my seat.” In his essay, Ondřej Trhoň views the act of writing as a way of repurposing and reinventing oneself.
Get acquainted with SWARM Mag's third 2020 theme, RE:PURPOSE, in the following paragraphs. RE:PURPOSE will run from 24th July to 24th September 2020.
'Cyborg who?' asks PhDr. Marie König Dudziaková in her essay about biohacking, cyberpunk outlooks on immortality, disembodied consciousness and more, written exclusively for Swarm Mag.
“Images seduce us, sitting on the throne of our desires.” Illustrations, tattoo designs and posters by Italian artist Carlo Alberto Giordan accompany his essay on the everpresent magical intentions of figurative art in mythical scenes, ornaments, symbols and beasts.
Four works of painter Jan Kostohryz accompany a text by writer Timea Crofony, laying bare the reclaiming of one's body and mind after coming to terms with depression and its conventional and alternative treatments.
Is The Brute also lurking inside you? Painter Petr Nikl and photographer Ondřej Szollos embarked on a journey to lure and woo him out in a one-of-a-kind picture essay.
A contemplative piece by Barbora Čápová outlines the future of the environment in which we display artworks and why we’ll never get rid of physical galleries. Accompanied by thematic illustrations by Rafał Kwiczor.
METAMORPHOSIS, SWARM Mag’s second theme for 2020, is now underway and here is your introduction to it. METAMORPHOSIS will run from 11th May to 17th July 2020.
Just before the world-famous events of the Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution took place on 17th November 1989, the people of one soot-stained city held their own series of protests for the most basic of human rights – clean air.
American-Czech video artist Bohuslav “Woody” Vašulka made an undisputed mark on the global art world, which came to an end with his recent passing. Writer Miloš Vojtěchovský presents a compact summary of his life and work.
Ukrainian writer Iryna Zahladko unravels a beautifully narrated series of poems and situational vignettes about estrangement, transformation and adjustment of heritage, and feeling one's way around a new-found world.