Dangling over the chasm of jealousy, basking in the burning flames of scorn, sneering down at love from an intoxicating cloud, there lives Desire. Our third theme of 2022, FULL OF DESIRE, takes flight now – and no one is safe for the next three months.
“And through the darkest lashes, I see the dull flame of desire.”
Björk x ANOHNI, Dull Flame of Desire

The tingling in the spine and in the roof of your mouth. The flushing cheeks, fluttering chest, the burning lava creeping throughout your veins, the sweaty palms, the intoxicating brain fog. For some, desire means pain – both the bad and good kind. It can consume us whole and spit out confused and tattered. Desire is scary because it is wholly uncontrollable, makes us lust, lose our heads, commit (later) embarrassing acts. Sometimes. As to why do we keep chasing its burning clutches evades many a mortal. The hardcore pragmaticist would say it’s part of nature’s breeding mechanism – and they would certainly be right to an extent. As our brains have been cursed with abstraction, our desires take turns from the most mundane cravings to pure, distilled dreams incompatible with all natural sciences.  

Desire is a drivetrain. Desire is possesive. Desire is a source of fascination to many.

In our third theme of 2022, we have set out on a path to allure, beguile, tease, and arouse you; make you uncomfortable but so that you can’t look away. If there is something well adapted at portraying and provoking desire, it is art. Let our curated selection get to you, invite it under your skin. We will be right there with you in our mansion, watching from the secret peephole.


Björk x ANOHNI: Dull Flame of Desire

Fetish-Fashion-Power-Valerie-Steele (1996)

Erotic Art by Muthesius, Angelika; Neret, Gilles; Various


Radical Eroticism: Women, Art, and Sex in the 1960s, Reviewed By: Miriam Kienle

Fashion and Fetishism by David Kunzle

Jenny Hval: Paradise Rot

Desire Change: Contemporary Feminist Art in Canada, Edited by Heather Davis. McGill Queens University Press & Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA)

Objects of Desire: Surrealism and Design, 1924–Today, Edited by Mateo Kries, Tanja Cunz. Text by Alex Coles, Tanja Cunz, Krzysztof Fijalkowski, Mateo Kries, Claudia Mareis, Vera Sacchetti.


Andy Warhol. Love, Sex, and Desire. /Drawings 1950-1962, Edited by Drew Zeiba and Blake Gopnik

Prime: Art’s Next Generation, published by Phaidon

Burning with Desire / The Conception of Photography, By Batchen, Geoffrey (University of Oxford)

Emotional AI: The Rise of Empathic Media: Autor Andrew McStay

Desire and Avoidance in Art: Pablo Picasso, Hans Bellmer, Balthus, and Joseph Cornell Psychobiographical Studies with Attachment Theory by ANDREW BRINK

Design: The Invention of Desire Hardcover – May 24, 2016 by Jessica Helfand

Louise Bourgeois & Pablo Picasso: Anatomies of Desire, Edited by Marie-Laure Bernadac. Introduction by Jerry Gorovoy. Text by Marie-Laure Bernadac, Émilie Bouvard, Ulf Küster, Gérard Wajcman, Diana Widmaier Picasso

Bodily Desire, Desired Bodies: Gender and Desire in Early Twentieth-Century German and Austrian Novels and Paintings by Esther K. Bauer

Closet Devotions by Richard Rambuss

Disrupted Realism: Paintings for a Distracted World, Autor / John Seed

Complete Masterworks / Autor Hajime Sorayama

Araki: Tokyo Lucky Hole / Autor Nobuyoshi Araki

Something Wicked from Japan / Autor Ei Nakau

Araki – 40th Anniversary Edition

ORGIES – a private collection of obscene photographs by Dupouy, Alexandre

Ways of Seeing by John Berger

The Little book of Big Penis by Hanson Dian

Little Big Book of Legs by Dian Hanson

Aperture 241: Utopia

Article: DESIRE AND INTIMACY by The School of Life: https://www.theschooloflife.com/article/desire-and-intimacy/

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ABOUT THE ANIMATION AUTHOR / Rosalie Maheux (She/Her) is an illustrator and animator based in Canada. She recently switched her long-time practice in sculpture and installation to primarily animation, which she describes as the most satisfying, pleasurable, and obsessive art expression she has experienced. 

Using a frame-by-frame rotoscope technique with 2d hand-drawn animation, she gives life to a romantic but sly and demonic alter-ego on a quest for love and social interactions. Through the use of humor and irony,  she qualifies her work as a gentle and silky soft act of irreverence to established institutions. While being satirical and ludic, she explores themes of sexuality, attraction, and unconventional relationships.


Text / Františka Blažková @st.feral

Animation / Rosalie Maheux @rosaliehmaheux



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