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“It's almost 2022 and I think many things don't matter anymore.” Keiga’s design work is all about balance: between digital and old-school tailoring, or creative work and manual labor. In this SWARM MAG interview, the Chinese, London-based designer talks about Surplus Value Center, his recent project offering social commentary on the conditions of Chinese factory workers.
Is circular fashion still a hard-to-attain niche or are designers slowly inching towards it as a viable modus operandi? German Bea Brücker has spent several years incorporating bio-design and sustainability into her collections while challenging the exploitative nature of the fashion industry. Enjoy a short interview below.
Digital artist Olia Svetlanova mostly deals with body- and face-hugging accessories and suits that seem to inseparably stick to or maybe even grow on their wearer. They range in appearance from shapes of stringy, sharp, smelted metals to oozing, organic and jelly-like forms with a seeming life of their own. Enjoy a mini interview with the artist below.
Indonesian fashion designer living in Switzerland going by the alias Yohanes Yohanes unapologetically unleashes eruptions of colours on our unsuspecting world, the latest occasion being his KAWAH IJEN # 21 collection. The eco-conscious pieces inspired by volcanic processes carry a striking handicraft texture.
What if there was a b-day celebration you couldn't leave… nor did you care to? We are immensely proud to present our freshest editorial to date in collaboration with Czech talents and Creative Embassy. The Endless Visit follows several partygoers caught in a web of flashy, vivid, slow-moving timelessness set in an opulent garden. How many days has it been? Does anyone know? Does anyone care?
And human beings fashioned gods in their own image. Welcome to the newest editorial of House SWARM. Enter with ease, unsaddled by judgement and prejudice, and you too will be touched by the golden divine light – emanating from within.
The newest collection by the international brand Sample-cm, The GrandBassin 2021 Club, embraces and destigmatizes female anger and bodily assertivity in traditionally male-dominated sports. With their 'full-contact' concept, they fly under the colours of confidence, sustainability, rebellion, expression and intersectional feminism.
Ann-Maj Risgaard, a fashion design student at the Swedish School of Textiles, creates debatably wearable objects that pose cumbersome burdens for their wearers. Their importance lies not in the aesthetic but in the somatic, bodily experience they cause.
A Polish native relocated to London, a multidisciplinary artist leaning predominantly towards fashion design, Joanna Prażmo kindly gave us a piece of her mind in an exclusive interview. Her works carry a transparent, oozing, organic feel – like a freshly vacant butterfly pupa.
We invite you to enjoy an exclusive interview with versatile and multimedia Italian artist Ilaria Demo De Lorenzi notable for her jewellery pieces, reminiscent of fleeting moments frozen in gold.
Beast of the East, a Czech duo of designers crafting underwear, nightwear and upcycled micro-collections, have graced our page for the third time, bringing another part of their dark series of retold myths and fairytales, this time accompanied by an exclusive interview. Episode 3: Cinderella.
We are proud to present you with already the twelfth original editorial made by house SWARM Mag, intended to accompany the NEO-MEDIEVALISM theme. Delve into the graciously withering and solemnly contemplative world of Sick Elves with us.
“Loved clothes last.” Knit fashion designer Valeriya Olkhova leaves space for “accidents” and tweaks the hand-knitting machine's settings to put it out of its comfort zone to produce one-of-a-kind, raw apparel. Enjoy an exclusive SWARM Mag interview detailing her work, the post-pandemic fashion world or personal philosophies.
The Bulgarian fashion brand Minoár crafts pieces of clothing that could be worn by a stylish nomadic nation from a parallel universe. They think of the outfits they design as a tangible reflection of one's inner perceptions and thought processes.
“Everyone should have beauty. Everyone should have access to beauty.” Chances are you have never seen anything like Nina Sivager's embroidered and tapestry-infused concrete house banners and decorative tiles, which manufacturing process was inspired by medieval handicraft.
The sharp, defined and technically demanding silhouettes of the dark, mostly black leather garments created by Alexandru Floarea are reminiscent of a twisted monarchy from a distant dystopian future. Enjoy an exclusive SWARM Mag interview.
Via linear hand embroidery, Czech artist Tereza Melková unleashes swarms of dancing skeletons and devils, dragons, girls turning into trees, and mythical creatures onto second-hand sweaters and hoodies.
In her collection based on the mythical and folktale phenomenon of shapeshifters, Swedish designer Maya Sundholdm studies the breaking point where a garment essentially changes its wearer's silhouette and appearance, via developing her own technological and material-crafting processes.
The armoured, almost intimidating purses by MADE IN HATE are true examples of solid handicraft, being sturdy enough to double as a fashionable flail.
“If it's not worth waiting for, you don't need it.” Jeweller and wearable-object maker Corrina Goutos crafts tongue-in-cheek future artifacts from everyday throw-away items using historic handiwork techniques.