"Fresh Trash" are the newest collage pieces by Mira Macík that feature painting, drawing, serigraphy, and other techniques.

“Fresh Trash” are the newest collage pieces by Mira Macík that feature painting, drawing, serigraphy, and other techniques. It’s a series of self-portraits that gradually transforms from the likeness of a human skull into a symbol of a cross, symbolising negation. The dominant theme of the whole series is drawing, which the author perceives as a cleansing autotherapy.


Mira’s field of interest includes mainly the serigraphy technique and also collage. Additionally, he creates installations and sculptures. Concerning the thematic side of things, he takes inspiration from the Art Brut movement, which he considers to be the purest art form. 


About the author: Mira Macík (1993) graduated from the University of Ostrava’s Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics and Drawing. He finished his BA degree in the studio of doc. Mgr.Marek Sibinský, Ph.D., in 2015. In 2017, he successfully defended his thesis named “Uvnitř” in the studio of prof. Zbyněk Janáček.


Besides his authorial work, Mira keeps busy as a curator. He curates the Rainbow Gallery in Prostějov, is a co-founder of the students’ Podlaha gallery at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Ostrava, and also organizes exhibitions in an industrial hall in Prague’s Holešovice quarter, the hall being a part of the multipurpose space Vnitroblock.

Art & Text / Mira Macík

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