Get acquainted with SWARM MAG'S third 2020 theme, RE:PURPOSE. All articles that ran between 24th July and 15th October are archived here.
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The body of work of French illustrator Amelie Barnathan “stems from her obsessive relationship with drawing”, which she believes to be an act of utmost intimacy with a direct line to one's mind. She repurposes the aesthetic and symbolism of other cultures and twists the classical portrayal of women and girls in mythologies.
A freshly-baked SWARM Mag editorial to officially launch our third quarterly topic and to usher you into the age of RE:PURPOSE. Enjoy the accompanying text below by our Head Stylist Kateřina Hynková.
Get acquainted with SWARM Mag's third 2020 theme, RE:PURPOSE, in the following paragraphs. RE:PURPOSE will run from 24th July to 24th September 2020.