"Through the practice of wandering, I am attentive to the disruptions in our daily environments and ephemeral moments." Exclusive photo series by Czech born artist Julie Hrnčířová.
julie uvodka

Through the practice of wandering, I am attentive to the disruptions in our daily environments and ephemeral moments. I concentrate my attention on urban objects, details or people that seem banal at first but in which I perceive a form of error and a kind of divergence. 

My images contain abandoned, hand-made, DIY, and ephemeral objects that I collect with my camera. Through framing and sometimes staging, the photography brings out the singular, visual, and sculptural presence of these situations often produced by the randomness of human interventions. I see beauty, sense, and humour in small, almost invisible things that we tend to overlook. 

The things are not as they seem to be.

Photo titles in order : 
In The Swimming Pool
The Cut Head
The Crabes
The Flying Shirt
The Dead Palm
No Title
The Flower Fingers

piscine 002
The Cut Head
The Crabes
The Flying Shirt
decembre_arles 004
The Flower Fingers

Julie Hrnčířová (*1992), born in the Czech Republic, is a young photographer living and working in Oslo. She graduated from the photographic school Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in France in 2018.

During her studies, she did several exchanges and internships in Leipzig, Nancy, and Prague that helped to develop her artistic work. She was part of several exhibitions in Arles, Prague, Oslo, and Malmö.

 The project “Everyday Sculptures” will continue on SWARM MAG as a periodically published series.

Photography & Text / Julie Hrnčířová

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