The early morning summer sun filtering through the leaves, flickering under the eyelids and warmly kissing your skin; vast fields of cereal rippling in the caressing breeze. The work of fashion designer Emma Bruschi reflects the romanticized notion of places where humankind still tries to utilize, understand and revere natural resources without outwardly exploiting them.

WORDS BY THE AUTHOR / The Almanac collection takes inspiration from the popular imagery of the Savoyard almanac. In each village, they knew how to work with wood, iron and wicker, in each house, they knew how to embroider, spin, knit, card, and work with straw. Domestic know-how passed down from generation to generation, with the love of fine craftsmanship.

"The Almanach collection allowed me to reconnect with those who still know these gestures, to shape together wicker accessories, straw jewelry, glass beads, hand-spun wool… "

My collection is called “Almanach” because I wanted to integrate the human dimension of these men and women: giving them a face, restoring their culture, their imagery, their calendar of festivals and work.

Emma Bruschi uses territory as raw material, drawing inspiration from places that are personal to her.

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Emma Bruschi was born in 1995, lives in Geneva and works between Paris and Geneva. Emma graduated from the Haute école d’art et de design (HEAD) in Geneva with a Masters in Fashion and Accessories Design obtained in 2019. As a fashion designer, she won the 19M Prix des Métiers d’art de CHANEL at the 35th international Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères in 2020 with her Almanach collection.

Raw materials, craftsmanship, know-how, transmission and experimentation are at the heart of Emma Bruschi’s work. She uses territory as raw material, drawing inspiration from places that are personal to her. A certain nostalgia, calm and slowness emanate from her collections. She is inspired to create her clothes from rural and agricultural areas, the workers’ cloakroom, the flora and fauna and all the know-how that results from it. Her goal is to cultivate the land and work with her own materials: to combine work as a farmer and a designer.

IG / @emma.bruschi 




Design / Emma Bruschi @emma.bruschi 

Photography / Cynthia Mai Amman

Models / Jessy Razafimandimby

Ulysse Lozano

Nita Sejdaj

Hugo Kafka

Mandine Knoepfel

Ines Baccino

Admir Hasanovic

Mandine Knoepfel

Ines Baccino

Extra photography / Diane Deschenaux

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