Witness the allure of our ritual candlesticks, crafted from hand-blown glass by Makora Josefina Krosno, and infused with exclusive aromatic wax and natural essences. SWARM MAG’s first merch was made in collaboration with Dark Concept Store, reanimating artifacts that revere the occult and sustainable craftsmanship, guiding seekers to transformation through the flickering glow of enchanted flames.

From the historic glassmaking region of Krosno, Poland emerges a captivating new collection that illuminates both heritage and sustainability – “The Roots of Taste”. This inspired line, accompanied by a spellbinding photo editorial by SWARM MAG, gives new life to vintage Jozefina Krosno glassware by transforming antique candelabras into functional candlesticks.

Jozefina was founded in 1980 by the renowned artist and glassblower Jozef Jankowski. Now led by his daughter Ella Jankowska Fishman, an emerging leader in art glass design, the company remains firmly rooted in traditional techniques dating back to the 10th century. Each Jozefina piece is painstakingly hand-blown and hand-finished, making it a unique artifact.

The Roots of Taste collection is SWARM MAG’s first merchandise collection, embodying our enduring commitment to craftsmanship and keeping true to the ethos of sustainability. Rather than creating from scratch, the collection rescues vintage glass sculptures from Jozefina’s archives and lovingly refills them with wax, allowing them to be used as candles once more.

In this new context, the candlesticks’ designs exude fresh vitality while retaining the unmistakable character of Jozefina’s old-world aesthetics. Formed through expressive techniques like glass swirling and mottling, each piece is a study in elegant shapes and distinctive colored glass, and accompanied with unique alchemical imagery and divinations.

When lit, these talismans radiate warmth and ceremony, conjuring the mystic aura of their glassblowing origins. As flames illuminate the undulating glaze, an ethereal ambiance takes shape – one that awakens the senses to glassmaking’s occult roots and humankind’s ancient reverence for fire and light. The Roots of Taste is a transcendent experience, made all the more special by its sustainable reincarnation of artisanal relics.

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Creative dir.: Markéta Kosinová & Kateřina Hynková

Photo & photo edit : Stanislav Palát

Photo assist.: Radka Čejdíková

Video & video edit: Filip Kopecký

Styling: Kateřina Hynková

Hair: Michal Bucher / Vlasotéka

MUA: Nina Kirk

Models: Anna Ruth & Vítek Ehrenberger

Text: Tomáš Kovařík

Produced by @swarmproduction


Fashion designers: @_studio_3_ @steflic_an @antonizablocka

Jewelry: Chainmaille jewelry @armoramor_jewelry, Rings from @dark_concept_store

Nails: Special thanks to the nail artist @dokhanhtram from

who beautifully crafted the gold and brown nail set for model Anna.


Candles made in collaboration with Dark Concept Store Prague // To buy the candles, please visit the store or email us at

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