Oh, to let go and succumb to the inner child for a moment. This summer, we have something delightful for you. Sit down in our whimsical lounge and let yourself be warmly engulfed by sillines and our new theme, SEED OF PEACE. The theme's opening article is accompanied by playful abstract animation by Zsófi Edőcs who also composed the background music. Let's sprout!



“A child sees everything in a state of newness,” reiterated Baudelaire in The Painter of Modern Life (1863), “genius is nothing more nor less than childhood regained at will.”


Artists or art-adjacent creators who have heard the infamous and irritable phrase, “A child could’ve done that”, raise your hand. But if we were to dig deeper, why exactly is that an insult? Why is the pure, unhinged and intuitive childlike playfulness damned in some and praised in others? Would an enticing work be considered less intrinsically valuable when created by a child? But why? Because it’s not accompanied by philosophical posturing and curator texts? But I digress. 

This little stream of consciousness above is here to set the mood for our new theme. We called upon artists who like to indulge in whimsical imagination, do not shy away from unadulterated nonsense, source from a kidlike sense of wonder, don’t really have a minimalist colour palette in their dictionary and are more likely inclined towards electric hues and fluorescent tones, and whose art has a laid-back and carefree nature. And who might even brush the stoner-vibe or acid-laced aesthetic here and there.

We embarked on a search of works that make us think of certain imagery and smells, something like abandoned plastic toys left to melt in a sandpit on a sweltering summer day, certain happy memories tinged with sepia nostalgia, a sense of familiar, simple euphoria, blooming elderberry trees, mourning doves cooing while the evening sun filters through the curtains at your grandma’s, the time when you thought you can sit on clouds.  

Because, frankly, we just wanted to look at cute and colourful things while we loaf about, all sticky, tired, and maybe a little sad. And we heartily invite you to plunge into this melty, cushy and coo-coo world we’ve collected and curated for you with us.


Team SWARM Mag



The Politics of Barbiecore by Amber Butchart


The Congress (2013), directed by Ari Folman


Island Mint – Insomnia Town


Massimo Listri, Cabinet of Curiosities


Sylvie Kreusch – Walk Walk


Seba, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities


Petr Sís, Komodo


Cocorosie – the entire discography


Plant Magick. The Library of Esoterica


Kata Krasznahorkai, Sylvia Sasse, 2019 – Artists & Agents: Performance Art, Happenings, Action Art and the Intelligence Services


Astrology. The Library of Esoterica


Tarot. The Library of Esoterica


Digital Art (World of art) by Christiane Paul


Talk Art: EVERYTHING YOU Wanted to Know ABOUT Contemporary Art But Were Afraid to ASK


Living in Color: Color in Contemporary Interior Design, Phaidon


Phaidon – Jean Julien


The Art of Noticing: Rediscover What Really Matters to You, Rob Walker


Ýrúrarí, Icelandic artist creating whimsical knit creations


Il était une fois… la vie – an immortal French educational TV series on the working of the human body for kids (and adults)

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ABOUT THE ANIMATION AUTHOR / Zsófi Edőcs (1995) is a Budapest-based animator and illustrator. She’s currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Animation at MOME. In her works, she has two main focuses. Firstly, love for creating silly cartoon-inspired characters. Secondly, expressing herself through abstract, psychedelic, and playful animations. In these short loops, Edőcs tries to explore and showcase the enchantment with shapes, colours, motion and dynamics, and experiment with the connections between music and movement. As she stated, drawing each frame in a free-flowing and intuitive manner is a special kind of relaxation for her. She mostly creates the music for her animations using her analogue synthesizer. Currently, Edőcs is also working on her diploma project, which will be an animated short movie exploring a young adult woman’s anxieties about independence and growing up.


Text / Františka Blažková

Animation / Zsófi Edőcs @zsofiedocs

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