For some time now, our brains have been floating in the shallow waters of the Understimulation Sea. With bread, salt and hair clippers, we welcomed the era of staying safe and sane between the four walls, still. The third exclusive video by SWARM Mag awaits you.

What is it that we are missing, exactly? 

We’ve always been selectively introverted to a degree, liked to stay put. Our room was a refuge, a quiet haven – and remains so(?) Is it the old saying about sudden yearning for things that become unavailable? Why did we grow weary of our homes?

We realized we forgot to factor the element of chance encounters and coincidence into the equation. While we can still watch a movie, listen to a live concert or see our loved ones and coworkers via video calls, all those actions need to be preplanned and executed by us in order to happen. No more surprise run-ins followed by “wanna come with us?”, no more mind-stimulating random chats you eavesdropped on the tram, no more weird squirrel fights in the park you amusedly stopped to observe, no more window shopping, no more meeting a woman walking nine Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, no more just popping into the cinema regardless of what’s playing, no more seeing a last-minute event alert on Facebook, grabbing our shoes and running to attend. We have found out all those small fragments that “derail” the planned course of your day are tremendously important for your brain’s happiness and stimulation. The unending rut feels like a wet, clammy blanket.

All the alarms and no surprises.

Snímek obrazovky 2021-03-21 224546 BB

The third video produced by SWARM Mag is about social distancing and anxiety during the coronavirus crisis. What we do when we have a shitton of time but are bored or when we have a shitton of work but can’t push ourselves to do any. We start having and immediately realizing crazy, associative ideas and sharing them online as proof that we did something during the day – at least something – not only watched Netflix. Humans are hardwired to interact with others, especially during times of stress. The lack of emotional support and comradeship can deepen our mental health issues.

In this surreal and symbolistic piece, we present you with our take on the pandemic homestay state featuring our specific dark aesthetic, using bread shoes and the ritual of shaving the hair of one of our team members. We wished to create something funny to shorten your wait, and something to remind you (after all this blows over – it will) of the times when partying was forbidden and you played with TikTok face filters for three hours and then decided none of them are good enough to post.

Stay strong and crazy and faithful to your hive.

Snímek obrazovky 2021-03-21 224435


Punk Camera & Editing / Markéta Kosinová

Styling & Nails & Puppeteer / Kateřina Hynková

Text, Actress & Puppeteer / Františka Blažková

Puppets / Mikoláš Zika

Produced by SWARM MAG

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