“I believe that I can open the closed doors of your soul.” Polina Revunenko, Ukrainian metalsmith and designer, unveiled a sliver of her magical inner realm for us in an interview. In her jewellery collections, she uses a special casting technique, which makes the resulting jewellery appear molten and crudely wrought, reminiscent of some sort of mediaeval or druidic cult insignia.

Let’s start at the beginning. Can you share the inspiration behind starting the brand Metallum?

Due to the fact that my family travels a lot, my mother has always had a lot of different antique, unusual and interesting traditional jewellery from different countries. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved playing in her closet and I loved exploring her jewels. I am 100% sure this passion was deposited in my subconscious. As time went on, my enthusiasm towards art jewellery expanded to the point that without it, I would feel naked. I attribute profound significance and potential to my gems, they always correspond to a memory in my mind and heart. There is a little something for every mood. So for me jewellery, is not only a matter of looks and appearance, it is also the core of the essence.

When the war started in my country, Ukraine, it was not only a catastrophe for my nation but also a huge blow to me. I lost my inner strength and my sense of hope with it. It was that emptiness that drove me to create Metallum. It’s the intense pain I felt during that period of time that put me in touch with such deep inspiration. By learning how to manufacture and fabricate these jewels, I soon came back to my senses. That’s literally how my power suddenly came back to me. I created a space where I could share with others that energy, strength and sense of protection that I finally got back. All of us girls are witches a little bit, it is much more developed in us than in the males, but everyone can learn and discover this state in themselves.  For me, my business helps me to open something that has been closed very deeply for a long time. Through process, attention and sharing, I am opening up more and more. Both for myself and for the family that Metallum gifted me. With this concept of empowerment through handmade jewellery, I believe that I can open the closed doors of your soul.

Do you believe that jewellery has the power to carry and convey emotions, and if so, how do you infuse emotional symbolism into your creations?

Definitely. Everything is energy. Energy that connects, heals, inspires. I always create and work with a certain approach. Purity of thoughts and physical space is important to me. I work with certain musical frequencies that also influence the core of the products I make. Not only the form is important but also the essence. This is the truth with which I sit down to work, endowing each product with the best intentions, love and power. Metals of different components (silver, aluminium, tin, etc.) have memory. It’s not in vain that in history, it is said that metals drive evil energies away.

What challenges do you see for young jewellery designers in today’s competitive and dynamic industry?

Certainly originality comes to mind. It is because of the dynamicity of the industry and the competition within it that it is important to remember where your uniqueness and originality lie. It is important to listen to your heart and to perceive all the information we receive from the outside through your prism. It’s fundamental to properly process it, otherwise there is the worst case scenario in which it can cause depression and a lack of faith in yourself and your uniqueness. To carry your idea and to remain yourself is the brightest challenge for every one of us.

Now, at SWARM Mag, we are focusing on the theme THE ROOTS OF TASTE. So, the last question is: how do you remain connected to your roots while embracing the future?

I try very hard to hear my truth, to listen to my body and my thoughts. So the key for me is to live in the present and to invest in it every day. I also find it useful to spend time alone so that I can do more of what I want to do. The me of tomorrow is the me that has already started investing in herself today. I stay honest, even if it’s hard sometimes. Keep going and never give up. Dream more! As if you already have it all. The future fits what I need.

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Polina Revunenko, silversmith and designer, is the heart and hands behind METALLUM. Originally from Ukraine, she has spent almost a decade in the embrace of the Czech Republic. METALLUM is her magical haven where she weaves spells into every amulet. Inspired by nature and history, each piece is more than jewellery—it’s a wearable manifestation of her heart’s energy.

For Polina, crafting is a healing journey. Born from a pure heart, amplified during her homeland’s war, METALLUM became a conduit to share love and strength through magical amulets. Crafted with love, shared like poetry between kindred spirits.


Artist / Polina Revunenko / METALLUM

Photography with model / Rita Baby

Detailed jewellery photos / Iryna Drahun

Interview / Kateřina Hynková

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