SWARM Mag is a family with roots deep down some rich, dark, fertile places. We like to sift through the hidden, shiny onyx sands of up-and-coming creativity to dig out whatever is thriving down there and bring it to you. But how did this peculiar chemistry happen? In our newest editorial, you finally get to meet the SWARM family face to corpse paint.

For the first time since our establishing, we are putting the spotlight on the whole editorial team and founders for a change. We were discussing the possibilities of a decent ‘family portrait’ for months and the notion finally bore its sweet, dark fruits. The current FAMILY BUSINESS theme seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Let us introduce you to the seven riders of the Apocalypse, or rather the Business Metalocalypse™ (sorry beloved Adult Swim TV, we nicked this one from you). We profile ourselves as a ‘family-friendly’ magazine for everyone who likes culture, art, fashion and adjacent stuff above and beyond. But our readers and friends often somehow chalk us up to the box with the ‘dark stuff’ – nudity, sexuality exploration, kinks, BDSM, witchery, fetish and unsettling art. Yes, we do like it sometimes but we haven’t posted that much of it (which is going to change with our upcoming theme). So, we have always wondered: where is this general conviction coming from? Is is the websile layout? The latex affinity in our editorials? Our openness to everything raw, emotional, exploratory and libidinal?

The thing is, we can’t resist to fulfill your desires, even the unfounded ones. So we decided to give you the versions of us you have been fever-dreaming about. The secret occultist troupe of office workers at their 9-to-5 job, lunch breaks, and endless board meetings at whiteboards with minds racing with twisted, gory ideas. The hustling metalheads chipping away at their weltschmerz in the canteen while trying to figure out how to make a profit of off a non-profit magazine. The musty smell of publishing houses and sleek, sharp suits and golf clubs.

Even though we are neither a FAMILY (a group of people related either by consanguinity or affinity) nor a BUSINESS (the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products) by Wikipedia definition, we couldn’t ask for more. This family business is bound together by shared interests and love, and the desire to weave together a community of readers and supporters who find eye- and soul-feasts on our site and always like to come back for more.

The whole epic of SWARM Mag can be found in the ABOUT section at our website. Be sure to head over there to learn all about the amusing struggles and miracles that happened on our journey.

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 SWARM MAG bio can be found in the ABOUT section at our website.


Creative Dir. / Markéta Kosinová @__maarketa__

Photography / Ondřej Szollos @ondrejszollos

Ph. assist / Adam Pavlíček @adam.portraits

Retouch / Tomáš Jakubec @tomasjakubec

Concept / Kateřina Hynková and Markéta Kosinová @khynko & @__maarketa__

Styling / Kateřina Hynková @khynko and Agáta Zapotilová @agata_zapotilova

MUA / Kateřina Šulcová @katesulcova and Natalia Karyagina @nkaryagina

Assist / Jáchym Kachlík @jachym_kachlik

Models / Františka Blažková @st.feral , Barbora Čápová @barekula, Kateřina Hynková @khynko , Markéta Kosinová @__maarketa__ , Tomáš Kovařík @_tomasrybka , Zdeněk Růžička @ruzicka.zde , Agáta Zapotilová @agata_zapotilova  

Production / SWARM Production @swarmproduction @swarmmag

Text / Markéta Kosinová a Františka Blažková

Big thanks to Hotel Krystal Praha




Karolína Ulrichová @kari.ul 

Tomáš Višňovský @tomas_visnovsky 

Silvia Leitmannová @bydamson


Anežka Juhová @anezkajuhova

Antonie-lecher @lecherantonie

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