Russian artist Varya Yakovleva invites us into her active world of unbridled watercolour and free-hand pencil and charcoal drawings where mistakes are literally non-existent.
varya uvodka

WORDS BY THE AUTHOR / My motto is: “Our imperfections make our personalities.” My tools are the spot and the line. My ‘main receipt’ is no fear of making mistakes as only through mistakes, you can find a way to something new and unusual. 


Guided by plastic expressiveness, I depict the real world. I love form and composition, especially multi-figured composition. They inspire me in my creative work.


BIO / Varya Yakovleva is an illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. For six years, she studied painting at the Gerasimov University of Cinematography as an art-director of animation and for two additional years, she worked as a director of animation at the school-based studio SHAR. In 2013, Varya worked with Andrey Khrzhanovsky on the feature  film “NOSE”. In 2020, she finished her films “The SQUARE” and “ANNA”. This year, she illustrated a book about the Sakhalin island and has been continually working on her animated film “KEEP AWAY”. She also spends time by creating illustrations for various magazines and websites.


Artworks / Varya Yakovleva



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