Anna Degnbol presents a collection of works, reminiscent of post-war austerity posters from an alternative universe, alien catwalk, and Americana tattoo shading and colouring techniques.

“This series of illustrations bears the working title “Mirror Gazing” and it’s been a way for me to explore identity and visions of self through the past year. I draw this alien-like tribe inspired by people I meet in real life and online. I try to let them exist in a world where gender, sexuality and identity is a more fluid thing. I’m inspired by how people create or support their sense of self by the way they dress, interact and position themselves in the world,” Anna comments on her works.


ABOUT / Anna Degnbol is an illustrator and comic artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. She does a little bit of animation and graphic design as well. Her work revolves around visual storytelling and conveying moods and atmospheres. She’s currently doing a Master’s in Graphic Communication Design.

Artwork & Text / Anna Degnbol

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