With collaborations ranging from the Disney musical Frozen to super-dimensional beings, Xixi Tong’s conscious experiments with materials form not only futuristic textures, but also a poignant social message. Read her commentary on her recent projects along with an outline for self-conception in increasingly authoritarian times.


This project is a collaboration between CSM and the musical FROZEN produced by Disney. I was responsible for the design and production of this set.

It is well known that Elsa did not accept her own magical energy at the beginning, and she had struggled and pained in her heart, but later she defended Arundel with her magical energy. I am a feminist pageant. In my heart, the image represented by Elsa is every woman. From birth to growing up, we have to face many doubts from the outside world. In many countries, women even want to weaken their feminine characteristics. And the image, I think, is the same as Elsa’s magic to hide herself. I think that when Elsa puts on my look, she has already shown that she accepts and likes to have ice magic, and no longer feels trapped because of this magic. She is proud of all her talents and uses magic to defend Arodel, like a female warrior. Get rid of the shackles.

In the material, I used two kinds of natural crystallization and laser cutting in future materials. The natural crystallization comes from Elsa’s magic energy. I use my hands to freeze many places with energy. I hope that Elsa can no longer hide her own energy. Others show their own strength, so I directly hope to crystallize directly on the fabric. In addition, from the perspective of environmental protection, diamonds and jewelry are expensive, and the use of natural science materials to crystallize is more in line with the needs of sustainable development, because crystals can be easily dissolved. I chose to crystallize on the prints I made. The inspiration for the prints comes from the texture of blooming flowers and butterflies, as well as the aurora of the North Pole.

My Body, My Choice.

This complete project is that I created the role of a high-dimensional lifeform sent from a high-dimensional universe. From its perspective, I observe the life of our human beings as three-dimensional creatures. I am an observer who specializes in observing the behavior of humans producing offspring. This creature is genderless, does not need to reproduce, does not have any physical characteristics, and is transparent. After months of observation, it is attached to the mark of human beings, and it has a vague approximation of machinery, but is also human bones, without significant, obvious organs. It has been studying the issue of female fertility until May 7, 2019, when the Governor of Georgia signed the “Heartbeat Act” HB481 (Appendix: The law stipulates that if a woman who has a miscarriage deliberately aborts her fetus, she can be sentenced to a maximum of 30 years in prison. And if you go to a place outside Georgia to have an abortion, you can also prosecute in accordance with the law of the state, convicting the woman and all those who help her abort, and even stipulate that women who are pregnant by rape and incest are not allowed to have abortions, even if the baby is detected during pregnancy. Even diseased fetuses, including those that cause harm to women, are not allowed to be aborted). At this time, women began to stand up for their own body freedom and the right to reproductive freedom.

As a high-dimensional being, it left our time and space, freely shuttled into different parallel spaces, experienced all the timelines, and went back to the past to retrieve all the unequal treatment of women encountered by women before, and it couldn’t stand it. Human emotions therefore targeted me, a female of the right age, and extracted my emotional experience, taking the same timeline of the country where I grew up, and the United States where the event occurred as the target sample, and the two of us were taken as two branches. Investigate the pain, suffering, struggle, and discrimination and unfairness of external society that women experience during childbirth.

In this series, my works include comprehensive material installations, costumes, and paintings. When I work, I will substitute myself for role modeling. I think that every person engaged in creation must have the ability to empathize. I really want to experience it. The emotions and situations of different types of people’s roles will instantly reach a “consensus” and a deeper understanding when they put themselves into the role, that is, no one knows their “self” better than the “self”.

The beings were later assimilated by human society and possessed life characteristics shared by men and women. And after this creature has experienced these unfair events by women in all timelines, its own thinking and human feelings are different, so it has found me and extracted my emotional experience, so in fact, some of the entire series is mine. Thinking and its thinking are different from me. The essence it can see is that all the life characteristics of human beings that it sees as a dimensional creature are the same except for the reproductive organs. There is no difference between muscles and bones. They are all similar. Men and women should have the same power, and what I see is the prejudice and injustice brought about by this social reality. In the creation, I used many elements of body organs, such as vaginas, ovaries, eggs, uteruses and other female reproductive organs, as well as muscles, heart, bones, etc. The pelvis I think is very representative, the pelvis is male. Human body parts are shared by women, but the difference is that a woman’s pelvis assumes the responsibility of giving birth to children. Women will experience pain and instability in their pelvis when they are pregnant. Muscles are used because they are also owned by both men and women. Body organization, but when you think of muscles, you can think of male power. I think women also have very independent and powerful power, which is no different from men. The pursuit of female liberation is not to oppose men, but to abandon the social misconception that there is only one gender. Know and eliminate misunderstandings between the sexes.

Nowadays, there are many opinions about women’s rights, some people ridicule them as “female boxing” – what we are fighting for is not power but for the most basic equal human rights. Women’s self-awareness will be hit and swallowed up in layers. In a patriarchal society there is moral abduction as the fertility of some women is “instrumentalized”, fertility anxiety should not be ridiculed or reduced, or fertility something that every woman desires most; if she can’t take charge of her womb, then she can’t control her own right to life. Women must become themselves before they can become mothers, daughters, wives, friends, sisters. The protagonist in life should be the self. This world should and must give women freedom of reproduction, because the body belongs to “me.” It does not belong to anyone else in this society. Women have reached the time to awaken their consciousness. Women should consider if they change the distressed social structure, rather than conform to reality, or escape, as living life can never be for the possession of a womb. We lost the right to control our own life.


Xixi Tong @xixitongxx

Fashion Student

Uni / (BA) Bunka Fashion College (Graduate)

(BA) CSM Fashion Design Womenswear Second Year (currently)




Designer : @xixitongxx



My body,My choice.

Photographer: @sayingsy_

Designer : @xixitongxx

Creative Director:@xixitongxx

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