Czech photographer Eva Neužilova introduces her "Dark Issues" series with the main motive of our roots and our bond with exotic nature.
eva neuzil uvodka

Words by author: “The photographic collection came into existence thanks to a project for an online magazine (now defunct), thematically called Dark Issues. Back then, I created six photos but had the feeling that the series is not yet complete and that’s why I initiated two more photoshoots. The leitmotif is our roots and our bond with nature. At the same time, I wanted to introduce wildness and unpredictability through nature, that’s why I’ve chosen the backdrop of exotic tropical flora, which significantly fascinates and internally fulfills me. Personally, I see a parallel with the human soul. A place that is wild as well as delicate; a place some can perceive as dark.

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Words by the author: “I seldom work on my personal projects, not only because I’m busy with the commercial sphere but also because I think I’m highly self-critical regarding my own creations – I don’t want to overwhelm my surroundings with nonsense and experiments (because that’s already happening with the commercial work). These photos speak to me and I hope someone else will hear them too.”

Photography & Text / Eva Neužilová
Model / @ch.eva

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