Our last theme for 2020, FRONT RUNNER, is going out with Olympic-sized celebratory fireworks and red hot flashes of the signal gun. As usual, enjoy our very own fashion editorial as the proverbial cherry on top of the theme, this time inspired by two iconic video games. The best holiday present for us and for you – from us to you.
red uvodka

“Use it or lose it” applies not just to the muscle mass in our body but also to our brains. You’re going to need them both for this game.

The Reboot/21 collection by one of SWARM Mag’s founding mothers, the ingenious creator behind the Czech fashion brand Dry Milk of Virgin Mary (DMOVM), follows the respective aesthetics of two video games. The popular aggressive fighting game Tekken and the stunning indie adventure game Journey. Each game has its own rhythm and storytelling. The marriage of them birthed the muse that inspired the DMOVM studio and the SWARM Mag team.

Let’s have look at a fantasy world 

Choose your alter ego 

choose the look 


play the game.

IMG_9503 narovnana




PH / Samuel Alexander Petráš @samuel_alex__

PH ASSIST / Markéta S. @mar_sl

STYLING / Kateřina Hynková @khynko

STYLIST ASSIST / Agáta Zapotilová @agata_zapotilova

MUA / Diana Vitikačová @muadiana.v

HAIR / Jan Chvojka @lostinthehair FROM @liborsulathesalon

PRODUCTION / Swarm Mag @swarmmag

BTS VIDEO / Markéta Kosinová @__MAARKETA__

MODELS / Naya @naya.ambitchous & Lena @_bald_owl_

LOCATION / Fotograf Gallery @fotografgallery

FASHION DESIGNER / @drymilkofvirginmary

JEWELRY / @dick____wolf MIXED WITH COMPONENTS FROM @textile_mountain 

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