The Dance of Death, der Totentanz or Danse Macabre is a medieval motif that was meant to remind the audience of the fragility and transience of their lives. Russian-born illustrator and video artist Sonya the Moon understands this theme as something very present due to the global pandemic situation.


Join us on a hike to the round, pastel world of Barbora Idesova, the Prague-based illustrator originally from Košice, Slovakia. Barbora tells us about her inspirations and methods, throwing light on her signature style that blends nature and mythology into familiar, yet mysterious visual planes.


Liga Spunde, the Latvian digital illustrator and multimedia artist tells SWARM MAG about her creative process, inspirations and 2019 exhibition of her pointed, disconcerting takes on a post-internet aesthetic, interrogating the phenomenon of online hate culture and what lurks beneath.